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Entry #526

Lopunny's Heated Moment

2011-05-24 03:28:07 by SOAD24k

Warning: Story may contain sex and profanity.

As the sun shine over a wide field of grass, a Riolu and a Gallade was sparring in the open while a blue Gardevoir, and yellow Luxray with a blue star tail, a pink Lopunny, a Slowking, and a Mawile sat under some trees and watched the two spar.

Gardevoir: Wow, Riolu is really keeping up with Gallade.
Slowking: Yes, he has really improved on his fighting skills.
Mawile: Wow, if this was real battle, Gallade would win, hands down.
Lopunny: Now hold up. Gallade may got small advantage, but Riolu is a tough kid, he'd wear him out then come right back at him.
Gardevoir: Wow Lopunny, I didn't know you cared about him.
Lopunny: Hey, I'm just looking out for him.
Luxray: Man, those to are really good.

In the field, Gallade charged at Riolu with his hands covered in ice. Riolu stood ready for his attack and quickly stepped sidewards to avoid the chilling punch.

Riolu: Focus Palm!

Riolu thrust his hand at Gallade, but he detected Riolu's move and dodged it. They quickly moved away from each other. Both were panting hard and sweat dripped from their heads.

Gallade: I must say [Pants] you are getting better. Your moves are becoming stronger and more crisp.
Riolu: Thanks [Pants] Gallade. It's all this sparring we've been doing.
Gallade: Well, what's say we call if a day?
Riolu: Yeah, I could use a break.

Both headed into the forest and sat under the shade of the trees. Mawile ran up to Gallade and hugged and kissed him on the cheek.

Mawile: You were really great out there.
Gallade: Mawile, it was only a practice battle.
Mawile: I know, but you great no matter what kind of battle your in.
Gallade: Thanks Mawile.
Gardevoir: You two were great.
Slowking: Yes, both of you showed real hard work out there.
Luxray: Yeah. You might be an evenly match for each other.
Lopunny: Okay, okay. You two did good, so when are we gonna be eatin?
Gardevoir: Lopunny's right. We should get some food.
Riolu: Yeah, I could go for some food.

All were in an agreement and set off for Apple Woods, where red luscious apple grow and fall. They each got an apple and bit into it all at once, making a loud crunching sound.

Lopunny: Damn that's good.
Luxray: Yeah, these taste more juicer then before.
Mawile: Hey Gallade, can you pass me another apple, please?
Gallade: Sure.

Gallade gives Mawile another from the pile in the center.

Riolu: Lopunny, can you give me a hand and help me get that one apple up there?
Lopunny: Sure, I'll get for you.
Riolu: Oh thanks Lopunny.

Lopunny stood up and jumped high in the trees and got a big green apple and gave it to Riolu.

Riolu: Wow, thanks Lopunny.
Lopunny: No prob kid.

As Riolu bit into the green apple, he started to glow white. All gasped as they saw Riolu change before their eyes. Riolu grew taller, a spike appeared in his chest and on his wrists. The appendages on the back of his head doubled. The glowing stopped and he was now a Lucario.

Lucario: Whoa, that first bite kinda hit me hard.
Gardevoir: Lucario, you eveloved.
Lucario: Huh?

Lucario looked at his hands and feet and saw the spike in his chest.

Lucario: Whoa, I did. How did that happen?
Gallade: I don't know, Lopunny what do you think?

Lopunny said nothing but looked at Lucario and blushed slightly.

Luxray: Yo Lopunny!
Lopunny: Huh? What?
Mawile: Lopunny, are you... blushing?
Lopunny: [Blushes] What? I uh.. I got to go.

Lopunny got up fast and ran out of the woods.

Gardevoir: Lopunny, wait!

Gardevoir ran after her alone with Mawile. Lopunny stopped at a fallen tree and sat on it. Gardevoir and Mawile finally caught up to her.

Gardevoir: Lopunny, are you okay?
Lopunny: Yeah, I-I'm fine.
Mawile: So, why'd ran off like that?
Lopunny: I... I don't know. When I saw Lucario, I... I just felt something.

Gardevoir and Mawile smiled at one another then sat on the fallen tree with Lopunny.

Gardevoir: Lopunny, I think you like him.
Lopunny: [Blushing] What?! You crazy girl.
Mawile: Well if she is, then why are you blushing?

Lopunny said nothing after that.

Gardevoir: Look, I know you like him.
Mawile: Hey, you know this might be love at first sight.
Gardevoir: Yeah, it might be just that.
Lopunny: What?
Gardevoir: Okay, I've seen something like this before. I'm going to ask you a few questions to see if it is really love at first first sight.
Lopunny: [Sigh] Alright.

As Gardevoir asked her questions, back in Apple Woods the boys were wondering why Lopunny ran off.

Luxray: Whoa, what's gotten into her?
Gallade: I don't know.
Slowking: Perhaps we shall leave this to the girls.
Gallade: Agreed.
Lucario: Hey, did you guys see the way Lopunny was looking at me?
Luxray: Yeah, I did. It looked like she'd fallen in love instantly.
Lucario: With me?
Gallade: It may appear that way.
Slowking: This may have to do something with you evolving.
Lucario: But why did she just run off like that?
Luxray: I don't man. Chicks are weird.

Back in the forest, Gardevoir finished asking her questions to Lopunny.

Gardevoir: Alright, judging by your answers, it is very clear that... you just did experience love at first sight.
Lopunny: What?!?
Mawile: Oh come on, Lopunny. Love isn't a bad thing.
Gardevoir: Yeah, Mawile's right. You two might make a good couple.
Lopunny: That's not it. It's just that, he's still new here and he's been living with us for only three weeks. There's no way I'm in love with him instantly.
Gardevoir: Hey, that may happen something.
Mawile: Come on, we better get back to the boys. Their probably wondering what happened to us.
Gardevoir: You coming Lopunny?
Lopunny: Yeah, I'm comin.

The girls got up from the tree and started walked back to Apple Woods. On the way there, Lopunny was thinking to herself.

Lopunny: (Okay, there is absolutely no way that I'm in love with Lucario. Yeah, it must of been something else.)

When they came out of the trees and bushes, Lopunny made eye contact with Lucario. She looked into his bright red eyes and felt her heart beating fast and started to blush.

Lucario: Lopunny, you okay?
Lopunny: [Blushing] Huh? Uh...y-yeah, I-I'm fine.
Luxray: Then if you are, why are you blushing?
Lopunny: [Blushing] Oh. I Uh, I just remembered something a while back.
Slowking: Well, what say we all go down to Sea Lake for a little swim?
Luxray: Yeah, I can go for a dip.
Gallade: So let's go.

The Forestas soon headed to Sea Lake, the largest lake in the forest. In the lead was Slowking and Gardevoir, behind them was Luxray and Gallade then Lucario, then Lopunny and Mawile. Lopunny was watching Lucario as she walked beside Mawile.

Mawile: Lopunny, come on. You have to admit that you love him.
Lopunny: I can't. Don't you see? I have sex with countless guys and none of them say they love me.
Mawile: So, that's why you won't admit love at first sight? You want him to say he loves you?
Lopunny: Uh... [Blushes] Well, kinda.
Mawile: Look, I may not be like you, but your missing out on a chance of a lifetime. Who knows what might happen when you go into heat next time.
Lopunny: Next time? Oh shit.
Mawile: What?
Lopunny: The next time, is about three days away.
Mawile: What!?
Lopunny: [Covers Mawile's mouth] Shut it!
Mawile: Sorry. Look, if you really want Lucario, you know what you have to do.

Mawile walked past Lucario and want to Gallada and Luxray. Lucario looked back and Lopunny and she shyly looked away slightly then looked back. Lucario slowed down and started walking beside her.

Lucario: Lopunny, is something wrong?
Lopunny: [Blushing] Uh, n-no. I'm fine.
Lucario: So what were you and Mawile talking about?
Lopunny: [Blushing] Oh, n-nothing.
Lucario: Say, you know what I just noticed?
Lopunny: What?
Lucario: You look cute when you blush like that.

Lopunny's whole face turned red and her heart started beating faster. She used her ears to cover herself.

Lopunny: [Blushing] Quit foolin! You really think I'm cute?
Lucario: Yeah, and that day we first met, I still thought you were cute.
Lopunny: Stop playin! You just talkin!
Lucario: I'm serious. I think your cute.
Lopunny: [Blushing] Really?

She uncovers from her ears.

Lucario: Really. And I would do any to prove that I'm not kiddin.
Lopunny: You better not. Okay, I'll think of somethin to see if you mean it.
Lucario: Bring it. I'm ready for anything.
Lopunny: Alright, hope your ready. When we get to Sea Lake, I want you to swim all the way down to the bottom and use you Aura Sphere to tell me that you made it.
Lucario: Heh, that doesn't sound too hard.

They made it to Sea Lake and Lucario runs to the lake, followed by Lopunny and Luxray. Lucario waits for Lopunny at the waters edge to do Lopunny's dare.

Lucario: Okay, we're here.
Lopunny: So, your gonna do it or not?
Lucario: Oh, I'm doing it.

Lucario turns to the lake and dives in. Luxray then walks up to Lopunny.

Luxray: What's Lucario doing?
Lopunny: He's gonna prove something to me.
Luxray: Like what?
Lopunny: Like non of your business.
Luxray: Sorry, geez.

Luxray walked back and sat down with the others.

Gardevoir: What's Lopunny waiting for?
Luxray: I don't know, she said it non of my business.
Gallade: Why do you think Lucario jumped in the lake for?
Slowking: That is unknown to me, my friend.
Mawile: Hey Gardevoir, maybe we should talk to her. Find out what she's doing.
Luxray: Heh, good luck.

Gardevoir and Mawile got up and went to Lopunny, who had her hands at her hips and staring into the deep lake.

Mawile: Hey, Lopunny.
Lopunny: Hey girls.
Gardevoir: Lopunny, what are you doing?
Lopunny: I'm waiting for Lucario.
Mawile: You talked to him?
Lopunny: Yup, and he said that I was cute.
Gardevoir: Well that's a good thing.
Lopunny: But I thought he's just sayin that.
Mawile: Why would he do that?
Gardevoir: Yeah, I'm sure Lucario loves you as much as you love him.
Lopunny: Yeah, but I want to see that.
Mawile: By making him drown himself?
Lopunny: What? No. By swimming to the bottom and using his Aura Sphere to tell me that he made it.
Gardevoir: It sure is taking him a long time.
Mawile: Hey, I see coming up.

The water started to bubble and it glowed blue. A blue orb shot up and out of the lake and burst in the sky. Coming right the small boom, Lucario comes up flying in air and lands next to Lopunny.

Lucario: So, did I prove my word?
Lopunny: Nice job, but I still call you a bluff.
Lucario: Alright, what else do I have to do to prove that I think your cute?
Lopunny: Hmm... I'll come up with something. Right on, you enjoy yourself.
Lucario: Alright. I'll be waiting.

Lucario walks off as Lopunny gave a seductive grin at him.

Gardevoir: Lopunny, you love him, don't you?
Mawile: Come on, you got it written all over your face.
Lopunny: Okay, okay it's true. But you can't let him know that. I want him to find out for himself.
Mawile: You can count on us.
Gardevoir: Why do you want him to wait for?
Lopunny: Look, I going into heat in three days, so I need him to keep thinking that I don't believe that he thinks I'm cute.
Gardevoir: How long do you think you can keep this up?
Mawile: Yeah, he's gonna find out soon.
Lopunny: Yeah right! I'm good at tellin lies. So, there's no way he'll find out that he really thinks I'm cute or that he loves me.

Just far in the distance, Lucario heard the girls conversation and smiled.

Lucario: So, that's it eh? Alright Lopunny, I'll play your little game. But does she think that I love her?

Later in the day Lucario moved heavy trees and boulders, climbed Skyward Cliff with one hand, and did things Lopunny told him to do. The more Lucario completed her task, the more she loved him and Lucario love for Lopunny grew as well. Two days pass and that night in the Foresta's home Lucario was eating sour berries. His face almost imploded on him. Lopunny was laughing so hard that tears flew out of her eyes. Lucario panted hard as he downed the berry.

Lucario: [Panting] There, I, did it.
Lopunny: Ha ha ha! Holy shit that was funny as hell!
Gallade: Lopunny, don't you think your taking advantage of Lucario?
Luxray: Yeah, next you'd probably make him suck his own dick.
Lopunny: Nah, y'all don't see the fun in this.
Mawile: Your way of fun is twisted.
Slowking: Yes, so please yield on your amusement.
Lopunny: Alright, alright. Damn, y'all need to see lighted up. I'll be right back, I gonna get bitter berries.

Lopunny left the compound and searched for bitter berries. As she hunted, she started to sweat and pant heavily.

Lopunny: What the hell? [Pant] Why am so damn hot all of a sudden? Did it just get hot out here?

Her body started to sweat and she felt weak and sat down.

Lopunny: Oh, shit. I completely forgot. I'm in heat now. [Pant] I need to get back. But... To... damn... hot.

Lopunny thought fast and let out a loud scream that Lucario and the others could hear.

Gallade: What was that?
Gardevoir: It sounded like Lopunny.
Mawile: She must be hurt somewhere.
Lucario: I'll go look for her.

Lucario rushed out and followed Lopunny's path way then smelled the air. It gave off a sweet scent that made Lucario curious. He trailed the scent and found Lopunny panting on the ground. His quick ran to her helped up.

Lucario: Lopunny! Are you..?
Lopunny: Lucario. Good timing, I have one last thing for you.
Lucario: Oh, let me guess. You in heat right now.
Lopunny: How did you..?
Lucario: I heard you talking to Gardevoir and Mawile. I knew you were testing me.
Lopunny: Damn, you're good.
Lucario: So, what this last thing you want me to do?
Lopunny: I want you to fuck me. Also I want you to use gad damn words, no more of this nice shit.
Lucario: Heh, okay bitch. Your gonna get what you want.

They lock lips and Lopunny moan as did Lucario. Lopunny guided Lucario's hand down to her opening and finger her. She moaned some more as her stuck his paw inside her. She reach for his sack and rolled with them in her hand. They continued to moan in each others mouths and Lopunny was wet and Lucario was hard. Lucario lied Lopunny on her back as probed himself at her moist cunt.

Lopunny: C'mon, stop teasing. I not gonna wait all night for you.
Lucario: Just wait, I'm just getting warmed up.
Lopunny: Well, hurry the fuck up then.

Lucario then penetrated Lopunny's pussy hard making hush of a moment.

Lopunny: Oh f-fuck! That's big!
Lucario: Yeah, take it all in cunt. I got more where that came from.
Lopunny: Shit! You bustard, I'm gonna love this. Bring it on!!

Lucario rammed himself hard in Lopunny as she moan and jumped to his furious movement. Lopunny wrapped her legs around Lucario as he pounded her harder. Both their bodies sweated as their love making took to new levels. Lopunny then felt something bumping against her. Lucario's knot, slapping up against her vagina.

Lopunny: Come on, I want you got.
Lucario: You sure? It's much bigger then me.
Lopunny: You scared or something? Fine, I'll have to do it for you.

Lopunny planted Lucario on his back and she continued the momentum of loving going. She pushed down hard causing Lucario to groan. She attempted to push his bulging meat inside her. She placed her hands on his chest and in quick movement a popping noise sounded and both looked down. Lucario's knot was now inside Lopunny. She screamed in pleasure as a wave of ecstasy surged up her body. Lopunny rode Lucario as she bounced on him.

Lucario: Lop... Lopunny. I... don't know if I... I can hold it.
Lopunny: It's... It's alright. I'm about to cum too.

As they both reached their brink to orgasm, Lopunny bounced one last time and Lucario blasted his seed deep inside her womb. His warm fluids and her wet juices mix inside as she felt his sperm reach her tubes. She scream as another loud shot even deeper in lot her sex. Lopunny ploped on her side and both pasted exhaustedly as they stared into each others eyes. Lucario gently pulled himalec free from Lopunny's clenching walls.

Lopunny: Damn, you did much better than when you were a Riolu.
Lucario: Hey, you got into it.
Lopunny: So, you think you can carry me back?
Lucario: Nah, I'm too tired to move.
Lopunny: Me too. Let's sleep here.
Lucario: Yeah.
Lopunny: You know, I think you might of got me pregnant.
Lucario: Well, now we have something to look forward to.
Lopunny: Yup. Now, how are we gonna break this to the others?
Lucario: I'm sure they'll take it well.
Lopunny: Yeah, I'm sure they will.
Lucario: So, you think you can sit up?
Lopunny: I'll try.

Both sat up and stared at one another. Lucario stood and offered to help Lopunny up.

Lopunny: You think just cause we had sex, means you have act all chivalrous on me?
Lucario: Hey, you wanted me to carry you back.
Lopunny: Heh, you know, I think I'll walk back.

Lopunny grabbed his hand and helped her up. They held hands as they walked back to the others. Back in the Forestas den, all were talking amongst themselves, until the yellow Luxray with the blue star tail heard something.

Luxray: Hey, someone's coming.

Out of the trees and bushes came Lopunny and Lucario holding hands.

Gallade: What happened out there?
Mawile: Yeah, we were about to go look for you.
Lopunny: Well, let just say that we got some dirty work done.
Gardevoir: Lopunny, did you and...?

Both smiled and nodded.

Slowking: Well, congrats on you love.
Lopunny: And I think we better make some more room in this place for one more.
Mawile: Wait, you don't mean that...?
Lucario: Damn straight.
Gardevoir: So when is it to come out?
Lopunny: Hell if I know.
Lucario: Hey Lopunny, you up for round two?
Lopunny: Like I'm gonna past this up.

Both ran into Lopunny's den and both started moanin and giggling.

Mawile: You know Gallade, it's a while since we had sex.
Gallade: Yeah, it has hasn't it?
Mawile: What say we make this our second time?
Gallade: As you wish, my dear.

They disappeared into Gallade's den. Slowking looked at Gardevoir with the same intensions.

Slowking: Well, shall we?
Gardevoir: [Giggles] Yes.

Slowking and Gardevoir held hands and wants into her den. Luxray sat alone listening to the moaning of the others. He gave sad sigh and walked toward his den and then a flapping noise came from his den then stopped.

Luxray: [Sigh] Damn it.


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2011-05-24 16:51:27

She finally found her own man. It's about god damn time. Though I can't wait till luxray gets himself a girlfriend. By the way, I just finished part 8 and I need two things. Tumba needs a friend and I need a female name for her. Next I am going to send Tumba or Kreia off to help Rondoa with another conflict and I can't decide which one. Could you please help me?


2011-05-24 20:32:16

Hmm, i wonder how Luxray will end up.
another thing: whats the heat thing?

SOAD24k responds:

Look it up.


2011-05-25 02:57:02

Words are missing here and there and the grammers gets bad at times. But its still cool.