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Entry #288

Fuckin Handicap!!!

10/9/09 by SOAD24k
Updated 10/9/09

Oh My Freakin God! I finally got him, the guy on the eletric wheelchair. Ok, Today I was getting Taco Bell and getting something in my belly, then after I got my and walked outside guess who it was. The guy, in the eletric wheelchair. This I meant what I said last time. I finish eating my boritto and pulled out my black wooden kedo sword, that I bought a few months back from my back, and pointed at him. Me and him stared at each other, I saw him twich around his lil control stick, then I got to my swordman pose. When he jerked his control stick toward me I jump out of the way. I ran back so people couldn't witness this fight. I ran to an empty parking lot, guy followed me, the guy said" You ranin away you son of a bitch? Huh? You scared of me? You scared of a handicapped white guy?". I didn't say anything, then he speeded toward me and I got a good grip on my sword. When coming at me I step to the left side a little bit and right then I swong my sword at his head. The sound of the sword was loud when I conneted to his head you hear it almost from 5 to 10 feet away. The guy flew out of his seat and landed three feet away, the mans' head was so hard it broke my sword. Then a police man came out of nowhere and ask"what happened here?" I tried to say something then he looked at body and said" Hey, I know is guy!" I'm like" do?" The police man said"Yeah. I been after this guy for weeks. Now I can arrest him put him to justice and put him in jail." I said" That's great, but I think I dis located his lower jaw." The police check his lower jaw and foung out it really was dislocated and broken. So, the guy was sent to a hospital and then to jail, and I was given $150 for catching him and for not putting it on the news. Man I was soo glad that is over, the money I put it in savings account, my black sword I had to throw away and guy, well is Jim Himerix and well I don't really know anything bout him , but how the hell cares? I really hope meet another guy like that guy again. Well that's my story I hopr you like'd it and comment on it, oh and I hope you all check out my posts their really good. Ok Laterz!


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is this true cause it looks true but the comments give me a diffrent look at it...but if it is true GOOD JOB :D



i agree with sam but we love you dude for the great guy u are and ur works. anyways im RLY happy for u man and glad u got paid too =3 victory is sweet ! claps ur back* GO YOU bro! XD fucking white people >.> well, the bad slobs i mean.....

/next time use metal sword XD

lol im glad you when all ninja gaiden on the guy xD i would have too



Kickass story dude! Props on that one! Jim hemrix. Ha!



Dude! It was jim hemerix! Lmfao!!! That guy was all ovr our news!!! Ya it was a while ago but still!!! Lolololol!!! Awesome 4 u dude!



nice going.
to bad you didn't get the money sooner for that bike.

Dude! its hard to make shit like that up, thats awesome!



awwww man he got the 1st comment god dam it any way i came it made me lol and unlike most ppl i dont care about ppl grammer this is NG not school ok ppl

lol Jim Himerix lol



two words...GRAMMER SCHOOL!!! And good for you!