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Moving on

2015-10-30 15:51:33 by SOAD24k

Soad: Hey Newgrounds, it me, Soad24k. I just came by to say...I'm moving on. Newgrounds was fun, but I full time on Tumblr now. I have two blogs running, both with really good. I am sorry to those who are waiting for the next Pokemon story, but I really got into My little pony: friendship is magic. I'll leave links to the blogs im working on and my main blog.

The Pokemon stories are more or less done. With gen 6 and all. I am deeply sorry to everyone who loved and was inspired to make their own due to me. I'm thankful to every single one of you guys. I had fun making those stories, and I know you guys had fun reading them.

So, with all that said. Thank you.



2014-11-19 19:12:23 by SOAD24k

Sitting at a table in a bar in Canterlot sat a light gray unicorn mare with white and purple mane and five purple stars for a cutie mark. She stared longingly at her beverage, stirring the liquid and ice cubes with a straw using her telekinesis. She was lost in thought to hear or notice the other ponies around her. Some conversing, laughing or walking about. She paid no attention to anyone there, until she felt a hoof in her right shoulder. She jumped slightly on contact and turned her head to see a pale blue hoof resting on her shoulder and followed to see who it belonged to.

Stallon: Hey, didn't know you drink Vel. Does your husband know about this?

Velvet: [Relieved sigh] Oh, it's just you Spectrum Blitz and no Nightlight doesn't and he won't. Plus, this place gives me peace to think.

Spectrum Blitz was a pale blue Pegasus with a short rainbow mane and tail and has two clouds and a rainbow arcing from one to another for a cutie mark.

Blitz: Hehe, don't worry, I won't tell.

Velvet: You better not.

She glared at as he waved a hoof up.

Blitz: I promise.

Velvet relaxed her gaze and smiled.

Velvet: So, what brings you to Canterlot?

Blitz: Oh, I was just passing by. Turning in reports about Canterlots weather issue.

Velvet: Really? I was wondering about that.

Blitz: Yeah, things here are much different. So, mind if I join you?

Velvet: Oh, uh sure.

Blitz smiled as he trotted to the other side and sat across from the mare.

Blitz: So, how you been Vel? Been ages since I've seen you.

Velvet: I'm well Blitz. I've been doing some things to help keep me busy.

Blitz: Like going to bars and night clubs?

Velvet's cheek flushed slightly.

Velvet: That was only happened once. A friend recommended I should try going to one.

Blitz: Yeah, and soon finding yourself neck deep in-

He halted is last word as he was a death glare from the mare, who had her magic ready.

Blitz: Uh, anyway. Have you heard about Twilight? She has her own castle in Ponyville now.

Velvet's magic faded from her horn as Blitz mentioned Twilight.

Velvet: Yes, I heard the news. My little Twily is doing greats things now.

Her expression sadden as she looked down at the drink in front of her.

Velvet: She's becoming more amazing every day. First becoming the princesses student, defeating Nightmare Moon, beating Discord, finding out the Cysalise and her. Changelings, restoring a lost kingdom, becoming a princess, saving Equestria from Tirek. Who would have thought my little Twilight would do things others would think is impossible?

Blitz: Guess she got it from you.

She quickly looked up at the stallion.

Velvet: Huh?

Blitz: Come on Vel, don't tell me you don't remember the times you did stuff that some might think was crazy. You'll drag all of us on some crazy adventure quest and still have to will to keep going, even in the hardest times.

Velvet smiled a bit and rubbed the back of her head.

Velvet: Well, I guess I did do some wacky stuff back then.

Blitz: And that's where Twilight gets it from. If you see something that isn't right, you'll be the first one to hop on the chance to solve it first. Just like what Twilight did to the return of Nightmare Moon.

Velvet smiled a bit more.

Velvet: Yeah and all the thing I've done, I couldn't have do it without you and the others.

Blitz: Just with Twilight and her friends.

Velvet: Speaking about them, Rainbow Dash is becoming really close onto becoming a Wonderbolt.

Blitz: Yeah, winning the Young Flyers Competition, enrolling in the Wonderbolt Academy, passing the test to the Wonderbolt Reserves. She really on her way to what become what she always dreamed of.

Velvet: You must be really proud that she's close to living her dream.

Blitz: Yeah, all those shows and toys she begged me about, I'm really happy for her.

Velvet: Yeah, and I'm sure Applejack is making her parents proud too.

Blitz: Yeah, shame they can see how Applejack grown.

Velvet: I'm sure they're watching over somewhere.

Blitz: Yeah. So, hear about Magnum and Flower?

Velvet: Yeah, their anniversary is coming up soon.

Blitz: Can't believe it's their 10th one.

Velvet: Well with those two, it'll be much longer.

Blitz: Yeah, if only Fluttershy's parents lasted that long.

Velvet: Shame really. They were a nice couple.

Blitz: Well, I think that's what happens when one is a free lance writer.

Velvet: I still visit her grave to give her recent updates on Fluttershy.

Blitz: You two were really close friends. I think she appreciates it.

Velvet: Hey, it's what she would do for me.

Blitz nodded as he looked around.

Blitz: Excuse me for a sec.

He got up from the table and heads for the bar tender. She nods and gave him a glass cup and bottle of whiskey. Blitz took both in his wings and walks back over. He carefully set the cup and bottle on the table and sat back in his seat. He poured himself a decent amount in the glass and drinks that's a sip. He tilted the bottle at Velvet, she rises a hoof and shakes her head.

Blitz: So, since we're done talk about Twilight and Rainbows friends parents, I don't think we talked about just their friends.

Velvet: Yeah, changing the subject would be good. Well, back to Fluttershy. I heard she's doing good with animals there.

Blitz: Oh? Didn't you hear? She even reformed Discord.

Velvet almost spit up her drink but caught herself and with a hard swallow, gulped her drink. She covered her mouth with her hoof as she coughed a bit.

Velvet: She...she did what?

Blitz: She reformed the spirit of chaos.

Velvet: Wow, first I hear about her being a fasion model for Photo Finish, talking down a dragon to tears, her going insane at the Gala, helping the pegasi in Ponyville send water to Cloudsdale and helping the Breezies get back home. That one I didn't hear about.

Blitz: Oh it's true. Celestia asked her personally to reform him. 

Velvet: Wow, that why little filly has come a long way.

Blitz: Yeah, but she's still shy no matter what.

Velvet: Hehe, just like her father.

Blitz: Speaking of that, Applejack is just as stubborn as her father.

Velvet: Heh, yeah. When Apple bucking season came, she claimed she can buck every tree in the orchard.

Blitz: Yeah, if it was up to her father, he'd would have done it alone.

Velvet: Thankfully she didn't.

Blitz: Yeah. You know she's also being called the most dependable pony of Ponyville?

Velvet: Oh I heard. She was going to raise some money for some repairs. Did she ever do it?

Blitz: Don't know. Didn't hear about it after she came back.

Velvet: Well I hear that Big Macintosh and Applebloom are fairing nicely. As well as Granny Smith.

Blitz: Man, she's never get any older will she?

Velvet: Well she is the only family member that remembers things better from the past.

Blitz: Yeah, I guess. Speaking about that, do you know anything about uh....

Velvet: Pinkie Pie?

Blitz: That's the one.

Velvet: Well, nothing much. Jedediah and Mable were always loners on that rock farm of theirs. They also had four fillies. Pinkie we already know.

Blitz: Then who are the others?

Velvet: Mmm, I think it was Inkie, Blinkie and Maud. For some strange reason they all, expect Pinkie and Maud, changed their names.

Blitz: You don't know why?

Velvet: No, nothing.

Blitz: Well, anyway. Back to Pinkie. She's one hyperactive mare.

Velvet: I know. If you could bottle up all that energy she has, you could power Manehatten or even Equestria.

Blitz: Seriously, and she's always so happy. She could make a board meeting exciting.

Velvet: Heh, well she is the element of Laugher after all.

Blitz: Yeah I know.

Velvet: Hmm, I can't seem to think of anything she's done.

Blitz: Well, she tamed an entire swarm of Parasprites out of town, got the whole town in a sing-a-long about smiling and somehow invaded the town with clones of herself.

Velvet: Wow, you quite a bit about her.

Blitz: Got it from Dash.

Velvet: Well, all that's left is Rarity.

Blitz: Yeah, Magnum's little girl.

Velvet: Well, she's not so little anymore. She's really become a true lady. Having a successful business career, being noticed by the big name ponies in Canterlot. She's come a long way from making costumes for a play to making dazzling and stunning dresses.

Blitz: And I heard Sweetie Belle is living with her too.

Velvet: Really?

Blitz: Well, she stays over there from time to time. Mostly when Magnum and Flower are out of town.

Velvet: Heh, it's just like them to be out a lot.

Blitz: Yeah, luckily they was able to hear about Rarity coming to Canterlot.

Velvet: Oh I heard about that. Also that she had Hoity Toity come to town and Sapphire Shores.

Blitz: Not to mentions she was in a fashion show in Manehatten.

Velvet: Oh yeah, that too.

Velvet took a sip of her drink as did Blitz and poured himself another glass.

Blitz: So, what's it like having a royal guard captain and a princess as your kids Vel?

The question was so sudden to her, it made her do a double take at him.

Velvet: What is it like? Well...

She looked down at her glass, stirring its liquid with a straw using her telekinesis.

Velvet: Well, it's a great feeling, knowing my children are doing great thing. Achieving goals, saving Equestria, marrying a princess. It's a great feeling but, sometimes I feel, like they forgot something important.

Blitz could feel what the unicorn is talking. Velvet still had her eyes down at her glass, seizing her pointless stirring.

Velvet: I know they're busy with their own things and all. Twilight with her friends, Shining with his wife. I mean, I could always go and see Twilight, if she isn't too busy, but I'm not sure about Shining. Being head captain and prince. 

Blitz: Vel, let me ask you something?

The mare looked up and saw a light smile on the stallions muzzle.

Blitz: You still love your kids, right?

Velvet: Well, of course I do.

Blitz: And you still want to best for them, right?

Velvet: Yes.

Blitz: Then let them do what they do. I'm sure, one of these days Shining and Twilight will have something for you. Believe me, when Father's Day comes around, I'm sure I'll get one heck of a surprise.

Velvet looked at him and slowly started to smile too.

Velvet: Yeah, I guess you're right. I just need to be patient.

-One week later-

Velvet was in the kitchen, stirring a pot of sauce on the stove with a wooden spoon using her telekinesis. She had another pan next to it, which was filled with Kel and Cabbage. She used another spoon stir that just a bit. Soon there a knock on her front door. She set the spoon down and walks out the kitchen and towards the door. When she opens it, she felt her heart skip a best and her went wide. In the doorway was a lavender alicorn mare and a white stallion, dressed up is royal guard armor.

Both: Happy Mothers Day!

Velvet felt tears forming in her eyes as a big smile grew on her face. She hugged the both of them tightly. Twilight and Shining retuned the hug and enjoyed the warm loving embrace.


Soad: HEY GUYS!! I'm back! I did this fic while on my lunch break. Took some time. Hope you guys like it.

Hey guys hehe...

2014-01-31 18:44:09 by SOAD24k

Soad: Hey newground folk. Sorry I haven't been posting out new Poke fics. I know you all like my stories and making your own now, due to me. I'm so caught up with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I'm really sorry for leaving you all like this. I'm still kinda making Poke fics but....I don't know.

On the Job Part 1

2012-08-09 13:07:58 by SOAD24k

Soad: Hey all. Sorry for disappearing. Tumblr is so much fun. Anyway, I was planning on posting this later after I gotten it all done, but due to my lack of focus, I can't really get to it. So, I'm posting the first chapter of an OC MLP:FiM fan/clop fic. I'll try and get the rest soon. So, again, I am really sorry.

Warning: The characters in this story belong to Hasbro and the makers of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. OC ponies in the story belong to me, Soad24k.

Chapter 1: A Mighty Fine Howdy

It was a clear and bright day when my friend and I walked over a small hill. I took in a big lungful of air and said, "Ah, nothing like clear skies and the shimmering sunlight to make this the perfect day to get to work." I said with an upbeat tone.
"Ugh, man can we get somethin' ta eat, I'm starvin' over here." My traveling companion groaned, Pawz. He's a pale tan Zebra/Pegasus mix with three red rings on his forehooves and back legs, while I'm just a simple brown unicorn wearing a black collared shirt and glasses. I fixed my glasses and looked at him.
"Dude, you just ate breakfast, twice." I scolded at him.
"That was hours ago." He said as he dragged his long wings on the ground. "Plus, it's almost noon." He continued.
After several minutes of walking, I then felt my stomach begin to growl, indicating that I was getting hungry too, just like Pawz. He then looked at me with a toothy smug look, like I didn't hear that. My stomach growled again, and Pawz was still glaring at me as I tried to ignore him and my rumbling stomach. I tried to keep my mind off food, but then a delightful scent wandered into my nostrils. I couldn't resist but to inhale this sweet smell. Images ran through my mind like a train speeding down the tracks. My mouth began to water a bit and my stomach growled louder. I was about to give into my hunger until a small voice cried out.
"Help! Somepony help me!"
The cry snaps me out of my food daze and we both looked at one another then in the direction of the cry.
"You hear that?" I asked.
"Yeah, wanna go check it out?" Pawz asked back. I gave a nod and we headed towards the noise, off the main path. We both headed for a nearby lake, where the voice came from. In the middle of the lake we saw a yellow filly splashing about.
"Help, help me somepony please!" She cried out. We also spotted apples scattered about in the water and a small wooden half-barrel floating on the lake surface. I scanned the area and soon came up with a plan.
"Pawz, you think you can get the filly while I get the apples and the barrel?" I asked. He then sighs heavily and rolled his eyes.
"Fine, I'll get da kid." He opened his wings and set off for the skies and to the yellow filly. I used my magic to gather all the apples and put them in the barrel and bring them onto land at the same time, Pawz grabbed the flailing filly and brought her back to shore. She was coughing up water as I patted her back.
"Hey, you okay little one?" I asked with bit of concern. She coughed one more time before speaking.
"Y-yeah, I'm fine. Thanks misters."
"What were you doing in there?" I asked.
"Well, I was gettin' some water in this here lake to clean some apples. When ah grabbed one another rolled out and started floatin' off in da lake. So, I used the barrel to sail on the lake and when I tried ta reach for the apple I fell in." She finished explaining.
"Well, you better be more careful then." I said, patting her head. Soon a loud growl arose out of nowhere.
"What was that?!" The filly said in panic. Pawz and I looked at one another then at our stomachs.
"Heh, guess it's getting close to lunchtime." I said with a bashful tone.
"Well, if y'all are hungry follow me back to the farm. I'm sure my sister can whip you two up somethin'." Soon she started to push the heavy load of apples, but was making very little effort.
"Uh, would you like some help uh..." I gave a slight pause and waited for this filly's name.
"Applebloom's the name mister," She said cheerfully. "And yeah, I could use a hoof or two movin' this." I then used my magic to lift the heavy apple barrel up. "Mighty kind of ya ta help me mister. Say, what are y'alls names anyway?" She asked as she led the way.
"Oh, well, my name is Stephen Writes and this is my friend Pawz." I said as Pawz just gave a nod.
"Well, nice ta meet y'all two. So, y'all new to Ponyville?" she asked.
"Why yes." I answered, "I am here for a job assignment I was sent."
"What do you do mister Writes?" She asked eagerly.
"Well, I am a Census Pony." I told her. She then tilted her head when I said that.
"What's a Census?" she asked me.
"Well, my job is to go around from town to town and ask ponies various questions." I told her.
"What kind of questions?" she asked back.
"Well questions like: age, type of pony, family members and other things that's only for big ponies to answer." I explained to her. She then gave me a look, meaning that I insulted her.
"I'm a big pony! Can't ya tell me them questions too?" She asked almost stern like.
"Well, you are still young and these questions are for adults to answer." I said to her. Her face then turned sadden after that. I soon felt bad for telling her that, so I tried to cheer her up. "Hey, don't be sad. You did help me with one thing."
"Like what?" she asked with her ears dropped down.
"Well, you did help me get your name. That's helpful to me and for my job. So, thank you for telling me your name, Applebloom." I said with a generous smile. It then looked like she popped back into happy mode after I thanked her and was smiling big at me.
"Ya really mean it? Did I really help you out?" she asked cheerfully.
I nodded to her and said, "Yes, you did." She then smiled more at me. Soon after some time, we all were entering a long pathway. Surrounding us were hundreds and hundreds of apple trees. I have never seen so many apple trees in one place, well besides Appleloosa. This place makes it the second largest apple orchard that I have seen. The sight of seeing so many apples around us heightened my and Pawz's hunger even more. We walked up to a barn, looked normal, but it had a scent to it, probably from the surrounding apple trees.
Applebloom ran up to the barn door and called, "Hey big sis, we got some visitors!"
Soon an orange mare came walking out of the barn. "Howdy! What can I do ya fer?" She asked. I put the barrel of apples down and looked around the area a bit then at her when she came into view.
"Oh, hello, I'm Stephen Writes and this is Pawz. We were wonder of you could 'whip' us up something? We didn't have lunch yet." I said.
"Well shoot, y'all done come to da right place. Ah'm Applejack by the way. So what's y'all hankering for? We got Apple pie, Apple fritter, Apple dumpling, Apple crisp, Apple crumble, Apple Brown Bettie, Dutch apple pie, candied apple on a stick, Apple turnover and Apple cobbler." She then gave a loud gasp as she inhaled deeply. I was kind of amazed she named several apple pastries in one breath.
"Uh, I guess we'll take two apple pies." I answered, still a bit wowed at her performance.
"Well, come on inside and I'll fix y'all some." We then walked in the barn and once we all entered, I smelled a wave of apples rushed into my nostrils. The whole inside smelled like we just entered a giant pie.
"Now y'all two sit tight here while ah start bakin' the pies." She said then left the room, leaving us with her little yellow filly sister.
She walked up to us and asked, "So, are both of y'all census ponies?"
I then turned my attention to her and answered, "Oh no, this is my assignment. He's here for company." She turned to Pawz, who was on his side with one hoof holding his head up and the other on his side. He was looking the opposite direction then she looks back at me.
"So, if you're a census pony, you must travel a lot, don't ya mister Writes?" she asked me.
"Well, yes it does." I answered nodding a bit "But it's amazing to go to many different places and meet new ponies there too and take part in their events."
"Is it hard to become a census pony?" she asked.
"Well, a little bit. You have to ask very...uncomfortable questions." I said my face contorted a bit.
"Like what?" She returned. I fell silent for a moment and looked at her. She looked at me with big wide eyes, just waiting for my answer. I searched my mind to find a way to change the subject. I was about to open my mouth and speak, but luckily Applejack soon came back in the barn with two warm pans of fresh pies on a tray on her back.
"Okay, y'alls pies are ready." She announced. She used her tail to place the tray down in front of me.
"Thank you very much." I said and used my magic to levitate the other pie to Pawz. He sniffed the air, quickly jumps and turns and grabbed the pie and holds it close to him.
"Aw man, I thought dis will never get here." He said as he stared at the pie. He then shoves his face in the tin, munching madly at the helpless dessert. We all watched him as he devoured the pie. After he was done he then began to lick the bottom of the pie tin. I was slightly disgusted but also entertained at the same time at him. After he licked the tin clean, he set it down leaned back with his hooves behind him. He then let out a hefty sigh.
"Aaww yeah... dat hit the spot." The girls giggled at him and I was halfway done with my pie.
"Well, he should be happy from now on." I said, biting in slice of the pie.
"So, what's brings y'all two here fer anyway?" The orange mare asked me. I swallowed the bite and answered her.
"Well, I was sent here for a job I have to do. You see I'm a Census Pony." I then explained to her what my job is. She nodded, meaning she understood what I said. Soon I finished the pie and spoke to her.
"So, shall we begin?" I asked her. She nodded and we both began walking inside the house, leaving Pawz and Applebloom in the barn. We both entered her living room and sat on the couch. I then used my magic to conjure a clipboard and some papers also a pencil. I then levitated it near me and began writing down some information I gathered already. I turn my attention to the blonde mane pony and began asking her various questions.
"So where were you born, Miss Applejack?"
"Right here in Ponyville." She answered.
"And do you have any other siblings and/or family members living with you?" I asked.
"Sure do, my big brother, Big Macintosh, and my grandma, Granny Smith." Applejack replied.
"Okay," I said as I wrote down the names and their relations to Applejack and Applebloom.
"So, any other relatives you have?" I returned.
"Well, I do have a cousin, but he's in Appleloosa." She told me.
"Appleloosa you say?" I asked, "So you're Braeburn's cousin then?" She looked at with a bit of shock in her expression.
"How'd you know dat I'm Braeburn's cousin?"
"Well, when I visited there a few weeks and he told me that had a cousin in Ponyville. So, I just added two and 2 together." I said.
"Well, now ya know." Applejack said back.
"Now let see..." I scanned the paper, looking for where we stopped on. "Ah, here we go. Okay so, what is your occupation here in Ponyville?"
"Well, ah'm in charge for da apples here. We grow, buck and sellin' dem in da market."
"Oh, so you're a fruit vendor then, or should I say apple vender?" I asked, putting a bit of humor in my words.
She laughed a bit, "Heh, yea, guess ya could say dat."
"Alright, moving on," I said, looks at the sheet. "Okay, so what are your hobbies?"
"Well dats an easy one, buckin' apples." She said with a grin.
"Heh, I bet you're pretty strong to buck down those apples all by yourself." I said, complimenting her.
"Well ah am kinda tough, but ah ain't like dem otha mares." Applejack said
"Oh? How does being tough make you different from others?" I asked.
"Well, Ah'm all work and no play, somepony said ta me one day. Heck, Ah'm feelin' dat they're right. Ah'm always buckin' trees all day, workin' day and night. Dem apples ain't gonna buck demselfs down." She then let out a low sigh of sadness. This made me bit melancholy seeing her like this and we reached the last question.
"Well, we made it to the last question." I said, looking at the paper. She sighed again that made me looks back up at her.
"Say, y'all think ya can do me a favor?" She asked me.
"Uh, sure thing Miss Applejack," I replied.
"Ya think ya can...y'know?" She then fell silent. I looked at her puzzled is to what she want me to do. She then started to move close to me. I soon felt her hoof on my leg. It made me jump a bit and then I looked down at her hoof and up to her eyes. She stared back at me with her light emerald green eye. I kinda knew what the look and her expression meant, but I wasn't too sure yet. So, I decided to play stupid and let this roll on.
"Uh...can I...what?" I uttered
"Can ya follow me to mah room, I don't be wantin' mah lil sister ta be hearin' this." She said as she got up and making her way to the staircase. I then sent my paper and things away and followed her upstairs. We then were walking down a small hallway, which had four doors, two on each wall. We walked to the last door on the left wall and entered, this was probably her bedroom, I thought to myself. This upped my suspicions on where this is going. She set her hat down on her dresser and sat on the bed. I just stood in the doorway, watching her. She then patted a spot next to her, inviting me to sit next to her. So, I casually approached the bed and sat down. We sat there not saying a word to one another. It was getting very awkward for me, so I decided to speak.
"So, what is it that you wanted me to do?" I asked. I knew I shouldn't have brought that up, but she just scooted closer to me. So close that I could smell the familiar scent of apples in her mane. My wonders were soon almost at its peak for where this is all leading up to. She began to nuzzle herself on my left arm, which made me a bit uncomfortable. I felt her hoof on my leg again, but she was moving it up and down my leg.
"Uh...M-miss Applejack?" I stuttered as she started to lean over to me. "M-miss Applejack, what are you doing?" I asked.
"Now y'all should t'known where this was headin' fer, right?" She said with a seductive smile. I knew right from the beginning, but I didn't want to spoil it for her. So, I played along with her by giving a nervous chuckle.
"Heh, uh...y-yeah." I then I felt her move down to my sheath, I was really taken by surprise at her movement. I felt myself blushing a bit as she started to rub slowly.
"M-m-miss A-Applejack? W-w-why is you doing this for?"
"I knew y'all wanted t'do this with me right when we met." She said, gaining speed on her rubbing.
"And stop with all this formal junk, you can just call me AJ." I soon blushed more as I felt the head on my member slowly emerging out. The head poked itself out and began to grow. She then gave me a seductive smirk and started to stroke me. I tried not to get too excited, but she was stroking me so well, that I slightly gave out a deep breath through my nose. I was hoping she didn't hear that, but I noticed she began to stroke faster. I tried to contain myself, but her hoof work on me was too good. I then let out a sigh of pleasure, noting her that I had given in to her.
"Ah see y'all startin' ta like this, aren't ya?" She said as she moved in front of me and down, her face meeting my semi-erect stallionhood.
"Uh...Miss App...AJ, w-what are you doing?" I stammered.
"Now y'all just sit there and let me do all the work." She said as she began to lick my member. I jumped a bit as her tongue touched me. She soon made her way down, nearing my balls, and back up to the head of my stallionhood. I felt a pleasurable chill go down my spine as she worked her tongue around the tip. I started to breathe a bit deeper as she tasted me. I could hear her breathing, letting me know that she was enjoying the smell my cock was giving off. Soon my whole shaft was coated in her saliva. She gave my head one last lick then gobbles it. I gasped lightly at her warm breath on my tip.
In my head I thought, 'Well, it's happening to me again here as well. I'm sitting here in some mares' bedroom, on their bed and getting head. Just like in the other cities I went to.' My thought was then interrupted by AJ's bobbing. She started to suck me off, using her tongue to lick around. I sighed in pleasure for her sucking and bobbing. I looked down at her and she looks back up at me and our eyes met. In my head, I wanted to put my hoof on her head and feel her mane, but would she let me? So, I slowly moved my right hoof and softly petted her head, she's continues to suck and lick my member as I did this. I then started to stroke her mane. She didn't seem to mind or just didn't care. She then began to move her head fast and taking about half of my stallionhood in her mouth. I sighed much deeper and heavier as I continued to stroke her golden yellow mane. The more she dipped and bobbed the more it felt good. It soon got to a point where I started to feel sexual pleasure beginning to rise. I knew she could feel that I was close, so she moved faster and deeper, nearly deep-throating me. I moaned some more and felt my orgasm closing in. I just wondered one thing, was she one of those kinds that liked to get messy and get it all over their faces and manes or those who holds it in and gulps down every last spurt? I then felt her warm mouth leave my wet shaft and felt the cold breeze of the room. She looked at me with a lustful stare.
"Now it's y'alls turn." She said as she got and back onto the bed and laid on her back, her hind legs spread apart showing off her marehood to me. I gazed and blushed hard as my glasses slid down some. I scanned her whole figure from her tailhole up to her face. I felt my member twitch at the sight of her sex.
"Well what y'all waitin fer?" She asked me with a seductive grin. I knew what she wanted me to do, I've done this many times in the past and still act like I never done this in my life. So, I removed my glasses and my vest and placed them on the nightstand near the bed with my magic. I lowered my head and neared between her loins, I could feel the heat radiating from her sex and the warm scent of apples ran into my nose. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue out and with the tip, I tasted her. She let out a slight sigh as I did that and did it again, this time it was a slight moan. I then began to slowly lick around her marehood, getting it coating in my saliva. She moaned more and more as I slobbered over her slit.
"Aw yeah...that it's right dere..." she spoke in a tone of bliss. I soon began to venture my tongue between her flaps. She left out a short gasp as my tongue entered her folds and slithered in deep. She moaned more and the sweet taste of apples touched my tongue as I slide in more and began to lick around inside slowly.
"Mmmhhhfff..." she moaned as I licked more and tasting her insides. Her scent got stronger and it was burning the inside of my nose. I then began to lick deeper, moving my muzzle closer to her moist marehood. She placed her hooves on the back of my head, telling me she's loving this and wanted me to go deeper and really eat her out. I happily oblige and shoved my maw in her slit and licked deeper than before.
"Ahhh...ya must' a...done this before..." She said in between moans. That's when I knew I was doing too well, started to slow my licking.
"Hey, why'd ya stoppin' fer?' She asked, glaring down at me. I looked back and didn't a word do to the fact that I had my snout deep inside her marehood. She pressed my head hard up against her inner thighs, making me eat her out more. So, I did. I returned to my fast, deep slurps inside you tender insides and AJ resumed her blissful moans and lay back down. Soon I then tasted her sweet juices, knowing she was about to climax. She lifted my head and glanced at my twitching rod and back at me. She pulled me up until I was at her face and my pulsating member near her lower lips. The head of my shaft rubbed against her wet slit and she let out a soft sigh, I just breathed deep.
"AJ, you sure you want me to do this?" I asked as she started move her lower body, making her wet folds grind against my stallionhood. She then moved up and my tip started to prod her warm entrance. She sighed again and motioned her head, signaling me to keep going. I replied back with a nod and gave a small push in. I then slid myself in to the hilt. AJ moaned loud as I gave a long sigh. Her vagina was so warm it felt like my cock was being bake like a pie in an oven. I began to pump in slowly, letting myself feel her warm inner temperature then steadily gain speed. AJ starts to moan more as I pushed in deep inside her. Soon I let myself go and let my hips move on their own, making my shaft plunge in deeper and faster inside this apple farmer mare. She gasps some and moaned in pleasure, while I have at her and thrust harder. The bed soon began to rock from our movements. I continued to shove myself harder and deeper in AJ as she moans loud in ecstasy. I soon felt her getting wet from my thrust, I knew she was getting close to her climax as well as me, but I didn't know if I should unload inside or not. I soon lost control of my hips and started to ram into her hard. The bed rocked and creaked from my pounding as I started to feel my sexual pleasure rising. I cock throbbed hard inside her, telling her that I was close. I increased my pace, thrusting faster and deeper, making my member reach more inside her. She then out a loud moan of pure bliss and her orgasm splashed around my cock and inner thighs. Once she was done with her climax, I pulled myself out and my member throbbed one more time before spewing several long white ropes of my stallionhood. Some reached up to chin while others landed on her chest and stomach. I let out one last shot before panting and leaning over the blonde mane mare.
"Y'all...should of...came inside meh." She said in between pants.
"I'm sorry AJ, but I...couldn't risk the chance of know." I replied.
"Ah well shoot. If ya were nervous bout given me a foal, why didn't ya wear protection?" She said giving me a look like I should have. I didn't say anything. We soon washed up and headed back downstairs. Then I remembered that I didn't asking her the last question.
"Oh, AJ, before we head back, I have one last thing to ask." I said as I summoned the clipboard and pencil. I looked at through it and was the last one. "So, your sexual orientation?" I asked from the sheet.
"Well, shoot. Ya done know what it is." She answered nudging me with a smile. I smiled back and wrote down the info and we headed back into the barn. Once we entered, we saw a sight that really took us by complete and utter shock. We saw Pawz on his back, his dick hanging out, still oozing his semen and in front of him was a sperm covered filly with a big red bow in her mane.
"What in Tarnation is goin on in here?!" AJ blurted out waking both Pawz and Applebloom. After some time explaining, Applejack decided to be merciful on Pawz, I can't really say the same about her little sister though. So we both headed off the farm and towards town.

Thorn Heart

2012-04-17 15:43:59 by SOAD24k

Warning: The story is best for bronies who watch "My little Pony: Friendship is Magic." The characters in this belong to Hasbro.

It was a clear day in Ponyville and a purple mare named Twilight Sparkle and her dragon assistant, Spike were walking through the Park. Spike was holding a cupcake given to him by the Cakes from Sugarcube Corner, a gift from Twilight. The cupcake had green frosting and gems embedded in the small pastry.
"Oh wow," Spike happily said, "The Cakes really outdone themselves again with this Emerald cupcake."
"Well," Twilight began, "You are the only dragon around here, so it makes sense that you like gems."
Spike devoured the cupcake in bite and licked his fingers afterwards. He then let a satisfied sigh. "Man that hit the spot."
Soon they came to some benches near the park fountain. "Hey Twi, you think we can rest? My feet are killing me." Spike complained. "Alright, I guess a quick rest might be good." Twilight said. He ran to the nearest bench and jumped over and sat down. When he sat, he immediately hopped back up and felt a sharp pain on his rump. He then began to run around in circles, screaming in pain.
"Ah! Ah! Ah! Get it off me! Get it off me!" He panicked. Twilight then used her magic to stop Spike and levitated him over to her. She turned him around and saw that he had a thorny rose stuck on his rear. She used her teeth to yank the rose off. "Ouch!" He yelled from the quick tuck. "That really hurt Twi. Why'd you pull so hard?"
"Oops," she giggled "Sorry Spike."
Soon they heard hoof steps heading their way. It was a mare wearing a hooded cape. She removed the hood and showed her face to them. She was a dark grey unicorn with half of her horn broken off, and has white hoof-tips. Her mane was long that reached passed her lower neck was a mix of black and red, as well as her tail. She had a normal body build and her eyes were a deep violet color and her cutie mark was a black rose. She walked up to them and looked at both Twilight and Spike. "Oh," She started. Her voice sounded a bit nervous and in a soft tone and a bit of stuttering. "I-I'm sorry for what happened here."
"Oh, don't worry about it." Twilight said. "I'm guessing this flower is yours?" She asked as she used her magic to hover the black flower to the mare. She then used her magic to open a one of her saddle-bags and put the flower inside. "Wow," Twilight said in amazement. "You sure do have a lot of roses."
"Oh, y-yes I do. I'm selling them." She explained. "Oh, I almost forgot. I-I'm Thorn." She introduced herself.
"Hi, my name is Twilight Sparkle, and this is my assistant, Spike."
"Hi." He greeted Thorn.
"H-hello," She bowed at the small dragon. "Wow, you're the first dragon that I've ever seen up close." "Yeah," Spike said rubbing the back of his head, "I get that a lot."
"Oh," Thorn resumed. "Would you like to buy a rose from me? I'm trying to get some work done on my house." Twilight answered with courtesy in her voice. "Sure, I'd love to buy one. How much does it cost?"
"Y-you will?" Thorn asked cheerfully. "Of course," Twilight said, "I have never seen a flower like that before and I would like to see if there are any books on this flower."
Thorn laughed slightly at the purple mare. "Did I...say something funny?" Her face looked puzzled.
"Oh, n-no, it's not that. It's just that...I never met a pony that would read up on flowers, especially on this kind." Thorn said. "I thought you would take the time to see what kind of flower this was." She used her magic to open one of her saddle-bags and took out the flower that she gotten back. Soon Twilight and Spike closely examined the flower. Then Twilight realized what it was.
"That's a...Rose. A black rose." Twilight corrected herself. "Wow, I really didn't see that."
"So," Thorn began, "D-do you still want to buy this rose?" Twilight looked at Thorn and back to the rose. "Yes," She answered. "I'd liked to by this rose." Thorn smiled at her and she smiled back. "T-thank you, that will be 3 bits, please?"
"Spike," She called her assistant. He then pulled out a small bag and she used her magic to take out three coins. Thorn then placed the rose into Twilight's mane as she put the bits into her other saddle-bag.
"T-thank you very much" Thorn said with a bow. "I hope to see you two again." She then trotted her way towards town.
"Well, that was very interesting." Twilight said. Spike turned and looked at the rose in her mane and asked, "You sure it was right buying that thing? It looks really weird."
"Oh Spike, don't judge on how it looks. I think it's nice." Twilight said as she took the rose out of her mane and gazed at more carefully. "Besides, I really want to know how a pony can make a black rose. Come on Spike, we're heading back to the library."
Spike hopped on Twilight's back and she trotted off back to town. They entered the main plaza of town on their way to the Well Courtyard. On her way, she heard her name being called out. She looks around and sees a white mare with a dark violet mane trotting her and Spike's way. Spike usually drooling over her looks.
"Oh, hello there Rarity." Twilight greeted as she turned. "What are you doing today?"
"Well, I'm on my way to buy more fabric from..." She paused when she spotting the rose in Twilight's mane. "Oh, goodness!" She said in shock. "Where in equestria did you get that beautiful rose?"
"Oh, this rose?" She asked taking the rose out of her mane and showing it to the fashionista pony. "A Unicorn named Thorn is selling them."
"Oh, well look who it is, Miss Twilight and Spike." Spoke a familiar voice. Twilight looked to her right, Rarity, her left and both saw the dark grey mare walking up to them. "H-hello again, Twilight." She said bowing at them.
"Oh, hello again Thorn." Twilight greeted her. "This is a friend of mine, Rarity. Rarity, this is Thorn. She's the one that I got the black rose from."
"Oh, I'm charmed to meet a pony with such class to be selling such magnificent flowers." Rarity said.
"Oh, t-thank you miss Rarity." Thorn said in a bashful tone. "Would you care to buy some?" She asked.
"Would I?" spoke the white mare. "How much do you have left?"
Thorn then looked surprised at what Rarity just asked her. "H-how much I have l-left?" She repeated. She then looked at the right saddle-bag and turned to the prettied eyed pony. "Well, I-I have five roses left. W-why do you ask?"
"I would like to buy them all." Rarity spoke up.
Thorn was suddenly taken aback at what she demanded. "Y-you want the rest?" Thorn asked with a bit of concern in her voice.
"Why yes, "Rarity began, "I could think of so many lovely designs with those flowers of yours."
Thorn felt a bit uneasy to give the rest of her roses away to a pony who'll use them for a dress. "Well, o-okay then. That will be 15 bits, please?"
"Oh dear," Rarity cried, "I seem to have left my bag at home. Would you mind coming back with me to my boutique? I will pay then."
"Oh," Thorn started, "Sure."
"Can I come too?" Twilight asked Rarity.
"Oh, but of course darling. You're more than welcome to accompany me." Rarity said with a smile.
Soon they were all off for Rarity's Boutique. They went through the Main Plaza and soon were at Carousel Boutique, which was also the home of the fashion pony. Rarity opened the door and all four walked inside. Rarity then turned to Thorn. "Would you mind waiting here for just a bit? I'll be right back." She said and trotted off into another room. Thorn, Twilight and Spike stood quietly in the large room. Twilight began to look around the room and then at Thorn, more specifically her broken horn. Thorn turned to her, but she quickly looked away.
"I can tell you were looking at my horn, Twilight." Thorn spoke. "If you have anything to ask, ask it."
"Oh, I'm sorry Thorn." She began, "It's just that, I've never seen a unicorn with a broken horn before. I'm a little amazed that you can still use magic."
"Oh yes, well. It's quite a story really." Thorn said. Just when she was about to speak again, Rarity came back in the room with a small sack full of coins. Her horn then began to glow and three coins the cost 5 each hovered out of the bag and into Thorn left saddle-bag. Thorn then used her magic to give the five black roses to Rarity. She wrapped her hooves around the small bouquet and some of the thorns stuck her making her let go of them. Thorn quickly used her magic to catch the roses and places them on a desk.
"Oh, I am so very sorry miss Rarity." Thorn apologized, "I should have warned you about their thorns. They are very, very sharp."
"Yes, I can tell." Rarity said in a spiteful tone. "Well, thank you so much for the roses dear. Now if you don't mind, I have some thinking to do."
"Of course Rarity." Twilight said as she, Spike and Thorn turned and exited the store.
"Well, I best be heading back home and get more." Thorn said.
"Oh," Twilight spoke up, "Mind if we come with you? I would love to see your garden."
Thorn looked at her and asked, "Oh, r-really? You want to see my garden?"
"Yes," Twilight replied, "and I would like to hear your story."
"Oh well, o-okay then." Thorn said "Follow me."
So, Twilight and Spike followed the dark grey unicorn through the Main Plaza, pass the Well Courtyard, passed Sugarcube Plaza, up to Western Ponyville and over the bridge that led to an open field near the Everfree Forest. "Wow," said Twilight. "You live quite a long way, just like a friend of mine, Fluttershy."
"Oh, really?" asked Thorn. "Well, I never noticed it before."
They soon walked over a small hill and all saw a plateau of black roses. Spike and Twilight couldn't believe their eyes. "Incredible," Twilight said "I've never seen so many black roses before."
"Twi, you've never seen a single black rose before either." Spike said.
Twilight glared at Spike and looked back at the enormous garden. Thorn soon began walking and the two followed. They all came up to a slightly old house. "Well, this is where I live." Thorn said as she opens the door. The interior was much better and well cleansed.
"Wow, Thorn," Twilight began, "your home is really pretty."
"Oh, th-thank you Twilight," Thorn replied. "But this is really my parents' house before they...passed away." A bit a sorrow filled her voice.
"Oh, I'm so sorry Thorn." Twilight said sympathetically.
"Oh no, it's okay," Thorn smiled, "They lived their lives to the fullest and I am really grateful that gave me this house."
Twilight and Spike didn't say a word, but only looked at one another. Thorn looked at them and broke the silence. "Well, would you two like some tea?" she asked them.
"Oh, yes please." answered Twilight.
"You two can wait in the living room while I'll make the tea." Thorn said as she walked into the kitchen.
Twilight and Spike headed into the living room and both sat on a slightly worn out sofa. Both looked around the room and sees pictures of Thorn when she was a filly and two other ponies with her. Soon Thorn comes in the room with tray and on it were three tea cups and a tea kettle, which she was holding with her magic. She levitated the tray over to the table and poured a cup for both Twilight and Spike. Twilight used her magic to begin the cup up to her and give Spike his cup and saucer. Twilight then took a whiff of the tea.
"Hmm," she said as she smelled the tea. "This smells really good."
"You have to taste it too." said Thorn. "The taste you'll really like."
Twilight and Spike then took a sip of the tea. Both of their eyes widen as they tasted it.
"Wow," exclaimed Twilight, "I never tasted tea this good before."
"Yeah, and it smells good too." said Spike.
"Oh, thank you," Thorn said with a bright smile. "I got this recipe from my grand mom. She taught me how to make it."
"I see." Twilight said, "So Thorn, back in the boutique, you were about to tell about me your horn and how it got broken."
"Oh yes, that," Thorn said remembering, "Well, like I said before, it is quite a tale." Thorn began to tell her story. "It's was a long time ago, when I was just a little filly. My parents were still alive and they were gardener ponies"
"Gardener ponies?" Twilight repeated. "You mean they were Florists?"
"Yes," she replied, "and since I grew up around flowers, it kinda became my interest." She continues, "The flowers I grew up around were all bright and colorful. One flower in particular caught my eye the most."
"The black rose!" Spike outburst. He looked at both Twilight and Thorn, soon looked down in embarrassment. "S-sorry." He spoke, his face looking into his tea cup.
"Well," Thorn began again, "It was actually a normal rose, just a bit darker than the others. It looked so fascinating to me I wanted to try and make it even darker. So, I took the rose into my room and casted a spell on it. I was young, but I was able harness a lot of magic. Once I casted it my whole room was dark, so dark, it was like being blindfolded."
"Oh my." Twilight gasped.
"Soon the darkness began to lift itself away. The darkness was then absorbed into the rose, turning its petals black."
"Amazing, it must have taken all your power to do that." Twilight spoke.
"Yes, it really did." Thorn responded. "After I saw that the spell worked, I then noticed my horn has been broken off. I couldn't find it anywhere."
"Oh, that's too bad," she said, with pity in her voice.
"It was forever lost, but the amazing thing is, I can still use magic." She reassured Twilight. "I know it may not be possible, but I am still able to use my horn, if thought it is broken."
"That's really incredible." Twilight said. "Say, do you mind if I ask how you got your cutie mark?"
"Oh, you want to know about my cutie mark?" She asked looking at her flank. "Well, it's all thanks to my roses. They're the reason I got it."
"How did you get it?" Twilight asked almost impatiently
"Well, after my spell worked, my first black rose didn't last long." She began. "It was a good thing I was about to plant the seeds from my first black rose it left over. One day, when I was about to water the few roses that thought I had, it took me by surprise. A small patch of flowers, where I planted the seeds, were now black roses."
"What? Black roses?" Twilight asked.
Thorn nodded and continued. "Yes, the surrounding flowers all turned into black roses. I didn't know how. So, I took another rose and brought into my room. I wanted to test a spell I worked up."
"So, did it work?" she asked before taking a sip of her tea.
"Yes, quite well." She replied. "The spell was executed successfully."
"So, what spell did you use?" Twilight asked.
"Well, it's something I've been working on for some time now, and wanted to see if it works. I called it the 'Forever Bloom' spell."
"What does it do?" she asked curiosity
"Well, what it basically does that it makes a plant's life span endless and I mean endless." Thorn answered.
"So, you made an Internal Life spell on your rose?" She questioned.
"Yes, but it comes with a small price. If a single petal is plucked, a dark purple cloud will loom over their heads and stay with them." She said making it sound like a warning.
"For how long?" Twilight asked with a bit a caution in her voice.
"Well, it'll take a few minutes, but can get rid of them." Thorn answered back.
"So, you're the only one that can stop them?" Twilight asked.
"Yes, I am." She nodded "Anyway, back to the story." She explained to them how she got her cutie mark and Twilight was astounded on how Thorn attained her cutie mark.
"Wow," Twilight spoke out. "That was an amazing story."
Thorn giggled a bit, "Thanks Twilight, I'm glad you think so."
Twilight looked at Spike and sees him lying on the couch, sleeping, with an empty tea cup on his side and a bit of drool coming out of his mouth. Both looked at him and giggled. "Well, I guess we better be off, it's getting late. I think we should be heading home." Twilight said.
"But, it's still early noon." Thorn retorted. "It can't be that late yet." She walked over to the front window and peered out. She let out a shocking gasp when she looked outside then darted out the door.
"Thorn? Wait, where you are going?" Twilight asked getting off the couch and followed her out. When she stepped outside and gust of wind blew in her face and her mane tussled with strong wind. She closed her eyes from the sudden gale and opened them and let out a horrid gasp. The sky was covered with ominous dark purple clouds, making the area seems like it was night out. Several Pegasi were attempting to move the clouds, but to of no avail. The clouds didn't budge an inch. Soon a light blue Pegasus with a rainbow colored mane and a red, blue and yellow lightning bolt and cloud cutie mark flew done toward Thorn's house. She stopped and hovered over them, her face in disbelief as she looked at them.
"Twilight, do you have any idea what the hays going on here?" the colorful mare asked, in slight panic. "These clouds are unmovable."
"No, I don't Rainbow Dash." She said, "I don't even know what's going on."
"I do." Thorn spoke taking a step forward. The colorful mane Pegasus lowered her and landed and confronted her. "Who are you?" She asked.
"I'm Thorn, nice to meet you." she greeted herself, bowing. "And I know, what's going on."
Soon they all heard hooves galloping toward them and turned to the sounds direction. An orange mare with a blonde mane and tail and wearing a cowboy hat and had three red apples as a cutie mark came running over the hill and up to Rainbow Dash and looked at Twilight. "Twi," She started, panting from the run. "Thanks Celestia I found ya. Some freaky clouds are blockin' the sun."
"I know Applejack, and Thorn here knows what's going on." She said pointing at Thorn.
The orange mare looked at Thorn and tipped her hat. "Howdy, nice ta meet cha." She greeted. "Likewise." Thorn said, bowing her head. "So, ya know what in Sam hills goin' on here?" The cowboy hat wearing pony asked.
"Yes, I do," Thorn replied with a single nod. "Somepony must have picked the petals off my roses."
"Wait," called out Rainbow dash. "All this is caused by some flowers?"
"Not just any flowers," Thorn corrected her, "Specially made Black roses that I made. If a single petal is plucked, a dark purple cloud, just like these, will hover over them for a few minutes, or until I get rid of it myself."
"So, what y'all tellin us is, dat you made roses dat puts a cloud over their head if they pick a petal?" asked Applejack.
Thorn nodded to the answer. "Yes, and I must stop this from spreading. It looks like somepony must have gotten a lot of roses and picked every single petal." She said as she gazes up to the now blackening sky.
"Wait," Twilight spoke," Somepony with a lot of roses..." She put a hoof under her chin and thought for a moment then gasped suddenly. "Rarity," She said her voice in terror. "She bought five roses from you and said that she was going to use them for new design for a dress."
Thorn turned to her and gasped as well. "That's right, she did."
"Well, what are we waitin' for? We gotta get to Rarity's place." Ordered Rainbow Dash and all four of them headed off for Rarity's Boutique.
The four ran up the hill and over the bridge towards Western Ponyville, then down to Sugarcube Plaza, through Well Courtyard and finally to the Main Plaza, where Town Hall is. They came up to the bridge to the Carousel Boutique, but it was being blocked by thick dark purple clouds.
"Oh no," Twilight said, skidding to a halt, along with Thorn and Applejack "The bridge is being blocked."
"Don't worry, I'm on it." Rainbow Dash said as she flew fast toward the big cloud.
"Rainbow Dash, don't!" Thorn warned her, but Dash didn't hear her. The speeding Pegasus flew straight at the cloud and pushed hard against it. The cloud recoiled back, sending the light blue Pegasus flipping backwards.
Rainbow Dash shook her head and prepared to ram again. "Hold on there Rainbow," Applejack spoke up, raising a hoof at her. "Didn't Thorn say dat she's the only pony that can make those cloud disappear?"
"You're right," answered Twilight before turning to Thorn. "Thorn, do you think you can get rid of this cloud?"
"I'll try," she replied a bit of worry in her tone. "I never have done anything this massive before." She soon stepped forward, facing the gigantic dark purple blob of puff. Her broken horn soon began to flicker, like a candle being blown by a gentle breeze and a faint pale grey glow surrounded it. Soon the glow started to become brighter and slightly larger. A beam of light shot from her horn and hit the cloud. The cloud was then covered by the same glow as her horn. She began to strain slightly as she focused on the cloud. Sweat soon began to dot her forehead and face. She lowered herself and pushed up forcibly, making the beam flash. She tightened her eyes as sweat slid down her strenuous looking face. The others watched on behind her, hoping Thorn can break the puffy roadblock. The cloud began to wobble slightly and Twilight and the others gave a cheerful gasp, but the light covering Thorn's horn and around the cloud were slowly fading away. She was starting to pant as her magic was slowly losing its effect.
"I...I don't think...I...can...h-hold it..." she said, trying to keep the fading beam on the cloud. Twilight then ran up next and points her horn at the cloud. "T-Twilight, what are you d-doing here? You d-don't know what you're d-doing."
Twilight looked at her with desperation in her eyes. "I have to try. You need my help. If I can sync your magic with mine, we might be able to break through this cloud."
"I...I'm not sure about this, T-Twilight. A-are you sure you can...m-match my magic w-with yours?" Thorn asked, still struggling and with concern.
"I'm not sure, but I have to try." Twilight replied. Thorn looked deep into the purple mare's eyes. Twilight returned the look with desperation. Thorn could feel her magic slowly depleting as she was holding a worried stare. Without a single word being spoken, Thorn nodded and Twilight give a smile then looks back at the menacing dark purple bundle of puff. She closed her eyes and a concentrated light lavender glow coated her horn. A small wave of her magic hovered to Thorn's broken horn and linked together. Thorn's horn then started regain its bright glow and her magic beam became stronger. The light around the cloud also brighter and it began to wobbles once again. Twilight was pouring her powers into Thorn and making it stronger. Soon the shake slowly, then a piece made a dent in the fluffy wall.
"Look y'all!" Applejack said pointing at the dent. "It's startin' to work."
"Keep it up you two; you got a piece of it." Rainbow Dash cheered them on. Thorn focused on the cloud more now that Twilight was sharing her magic and hearing Rainbow Dash and Applejack's cheering. Soon, a couple more dents appeared and some were deeper and some were wider. The dents then finally connected and a small, filly-sized hole appeared that made it through the other side. The hole soon became wider and wider. Thorn and Twilight held their positions, shooting magic at the dark purple wall of puff. After what seem to take minutes, the path to Rarity's Boutique soon became visible. The clouds around the bridge then began to vanish, clearing a wide, opening a pathway to Rarity's house. Thorn then seized her magic, as well as Twilight, and Rainbow Dash and Applejack made their way across. Twilight stood beside Thorn, then puts a hoof on her back, while she pants slightly.
"You did a good job, Thorn." Twilight said, giving her a warming smile. Thorn smiled back and finally caught her breath and both then followed the other two until they came up to the boutique front door. Twilight then knocked on the door and called out, "Rarity, please open the door." But there was no answer. She knocked again, and then once more, there was still no answer.
"The clouds must be making a soundproof barrier inside." Thorn said, trying to look through the darkened window.
"So what now?" asked the worried purple unicorn, "If she can't hear us and we can't hear her, what are we going to do now?"
Soon there was a crash in the distance. Screams of panic and fear were heard as one of the houses collapsed under the pressure of the dark clouds.
"Oh no," said Thorn, "this is not good."
"What, what's not good?" quickly asked Twilight.
"The clouds seem to be getting heavy and now slowly descending down." Thorn explained.
"WHAT!?" All three exclaimed in unison. "We need to find a way inside and fast." Spoke Twilight.
"But how?" the farm pony asked, "If we open them windows, dat cloud might come a'pourin out."
All were thinking of something, but Thorn was the first one to get an idea. "I got it." All gathered around her to listen to her plan. After hearing to the plan, the girls got into their positions. Applejack was ready to open the door, Rainbow Dash was ready to fly around the house and Twilight and Thorn were ready to combine their magic. Thorn looked at Applejack, who gave a nod, same did Rainbow and Twilight. "Okay, on the count of three. "1...2...3!" Applejack bucked the door open, making the cloud flow out. Dash zoomed around the boutique, gathering the cloud pieces in a small whirlwind. Thorn had her spell ready and fired it. Twilight then began sharing her magic with Thorn. She shot her magic at each bit of cloud that was trapped in Dash's twister. The dark cloud was pouring out of the house and begin caught in the rainbow colored cyclone. Thorn kept shooting the clouds while Twilight channeled her magic to assist her. One by one the cloud bits were vanishing and light soon then returned in the boutique.
"Hey y'all, it's workin' I can see the inside." Applejack reported, looking through the window. "Just a bit more, all the clouds are almost gone."
Hearing that, Dash increased her speed, making even more clouds fly out and get stuck in her gale. Thorn rapidly fires her magic at the cloud as the swirl around Rarity's home. After some time, the last cloud was obliterated and they all rushed inside.
"Rarity!" the four called out and scanned the room. Twilight noticed black rose petals were scattered all around the floor. "Guys, look at this." She said as she points at the dismembered petals spread about.
"Oh dear," spoke Thorn with caution in her voice. "She plucked all my roses." She looks down at the petals.
"Not all of them." Applejack said standing near a dresser. Thorn trotted over and sees a single black rose, still intact. She gave a happy gasp and grabs the rose with her magic. She moved the rose close to her as she closed her eyes. There was a moment of silence then Thorn's horn began glow intensely. The rose was lifted high above her head and was then engulfed in the same pale grey color as her horn. The glow grew brighter as the sun, nearly blinding Twilight and the others. The rose imploded then sent out a shockwave throughout Ponyville. The pale grey wave blew away the dark clouds and clearing the skies, making the sun shine upon the town once again. The rose then slowly floated down back onto the dresser and Thorn's horn and the rose stopped glowing.
Thorn then gave out a soft and relieved sigh and sit on her haunches. "There, all the clouds are gone."
Soon they all heard a rustling sound coming from a nearby closet. They looked at one another and approached the doors. Twilight slowly opened them and suddenly and flash of white and dark violet crashed into them and all rolled in the middle of the room.
"NO, NO! Stay away from me!" screamed the white mare as she flared her front hooves.
"Rarity, it only us, open your eyes." Twilight said getting up.
The panicked mare stopped and opened one and saw Twilight and the others. She then looked around the room with both eyes open and set her hooves down. "Oh, uh... s-sorry you all had to see that darlings." She said embarrassedly, her face slightly blushed.
The girls giggled a bit and gathered around her. "Rarity, what happened?" Twilight asked.
"Well, I was making plans for a dress. After I was done, I began making the design. I grabbed some of the roses and started plucking the petals off. All of a sudden my room was getting dark. I thought it was getting late, but when I looked up there was this big awful dark cloud looming over me and somehow got outside. I ran into my closet soon after. I didn't know what might drop out of that thing." Rarity explained.
"Well, good thing that Thorn here stopped dat cloud from makin' Ponyville flatter than a pancake." Applejack said, nudging Thorn.
"O-oh, it's no problem." She said, "I'm just glad for all your help. If it wasn't for your, I wouldn't know what to do."
The girls smiled and Twilight walked up to her. "That's what friends are for. Whenever you're in need, a friend is there to help you."
"Yeah, there are something's you just can't do on your own." Rainbow Dash said as she landed next to Thorn.
"It is true darling, friends are there when you need them." added Rarity.
"And we all here are your friends." Applejack said, hugging Thorn. Soon all the others joined in. Thorn was a bit overwhelmed, but gave into the friendly group hug. She now became friends with Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Rarity.

The end

(Soad: Sorry about the ending, just had a very hard time thinking about it. I hoped you'd enjoyed my first ever Pony fan-fic. Thank you for reading it.)

Thorn Heart

Fan-Fic Stories

2012-04-01 11:21:12 by SOAD24k

Soad: Hello Newgrounds, I am so very sorry for my absence. It's touhg being a Bony, PokeFan and writer. Now, you may be wondering if I'm still making stories. The answer, yes, I am. I'm making one right now as we speak. It may take some time until I'm back into making Pokemon stories, but I'm making them, nonetheless. So, don't worry. I'm sure the other PokeWriters are making good ones. Also, if you all are wondering where I've been seemy blog. Thank you and again, I'm so really very sorry.

Spook! The Cursed Crew

2012-02-13 15:57:03 by SOAD24k

Soad: Hey guys. After reading "My little Dashie" I decided to change my writing style. So no more Script Style. From this day forward, I will read in normal form. So, please enjoy my new style.

Warning: The following story may contain violence, and profanity.

In the dark of night of Xirrus City, inside an old hotel building, scurried many Rattatas and in the biggest room of the rusty suite slept a Raticate. He was curled up in his own fur with his tail wrapped over his head and completing the roll. Suddenly a loud boom shook the building and waking the sleeping Mouse Pokémon. He stood up and looks around in sudden tension. "What the hell!" Exclaimed Raticate as he hopped from the bed and on to the moldy carpet floor. Soon a two Rattatas rushed into his room and both had frightened looks on their faces.

"What the hell is goin' on down there?" He asked them. "A big large group of Sableyes just burst in and started attack everyone." One said with his voice is shock. "Sableye?" What here? Why are Sableyes where?" Raticate questioned himself. Then they heard snickering coming from the darkened hallway and a several pairs glowing eyes gleamed at them. They entered Raticate's room and filled and room. All hopped on the broken king sized bed and watched as Sableyes coming in wave swarm in. Soon a Mismagius appears from the bed and hovers over the three mice.

"Hey, just the hell you think you are comin' in here and beatin' my crew up and rampagin' in my base?" He shouted. "Well, I'm here to take over. You have been too long and now it is time for you to disband." The ghostly Pokémon said. "Ha! Like hell I'm gonna disband!" He protested. "The Rat Pack has been here the longest and will not be beaten by some ghost Type Pokémon." A deep sigh of antipathy came from Mismagius as she heard what Raticate said. "Fine, you leave me with no other choice. I will have to make disband you, myself." She raised her left arm up to stop the scrambling Sableyes. "This is you're last warning, disband or be killed." She demanded. "Ha, like you would gang up on me." Raticate said teasingly. "Huh, very well then." She said in a calm tone. She pointed at Raticate and the last two Rattatas and the room full of Sableye mobbed them. Their screams could be heard outside the old structure.


It was a bright and clear day in the center of Xirrus City, where a junkyard is placed and lived many Pokémon. The leader of junkyard was a well-known city Pokémon, who goes by the name of Scar. His appearance is rough and city-dwelled. The tip of his right has been bitten off and his face had a scar that went over his left eye and down his back were two long claw marks that ran parallel down his spine. This Pokémon was walking around the area looked around, checking the other Pokémon working. Soon a Pikachu with her yellow fur and the rest was pink named Princess and a Pichu with a notched left ear tip named Spike came up to him.

"Hey, Scar" the pink one began as the Raichu turned around. "Did you hear the news?" Scar looked at her with a questionable look. "What news?" "The news about what happened to the Rat Pack last night." The small Pichu answered. "I heard that they were disbanded." said Princess. "Whoa," Scar said in shock. "The Rat Pack disbanded? That's kinda big." "I also heard that they were taken out by a new crew and took over their base" continued Pikachu. "Well, I can imagine a new crew taking them on, but taking over their base? That's something new." Scar Said. "I wonder who this new crew is and why did the Rat Pack suddenly decided to disband last night?" Princess Asked. Scar put his right paw on her shoulder and smiled at her. "C'mon, don't worry about them." he said with a grin. "They're the weakest crew ever in the city. Beside, this might lighten things up around here. The Rat Pack no longer here, we have a new rival crew to face." "Yeah, I suppose." Princess said with a bit of concern in her voice. "But what if this new crew comes after us next?" "Then we'll take them on. This is the strongest crew ever." He said with confidence in the tone. Then a voice overhead called out to the three. "Head's up!"

A Hounchkrow named Boss flew down and lands next to Scar. "Hi Boss!" greeted Pichu. "Hey, I just saw Bull and Smug coming from the east, but something's wrong with them." Boss Said." Huh? Wrong?" Scar asked. "Yeah, Bull was carrying Smug on his shoulder." Scar looked puzzled for a moment then hears a female voice coming from the front of the junkyard. "Scar, get over here! Quick!" Scar and the other followed as they ran toward the front. Once they made it, a crowd of Pokémon with an Absol and a Skuntank in front. Scar was shock at the sight. He saw a beaten and battered Granbull and Smeargul. Scar ran up to them and grabbed Granbull as he was about to tip over.

"Bull, what happened? Who did this to you two?" Scar asked impatiently. Bull groaned in pain and tries to speak. "We...we were just coming back from...the central eastside. We then heard a...a cry for help coming from a nearby ally. We...we entered the ally and it was a dead-end. Soon, out of...nowhere, we were jumped by a mob of...Sableye." "Sableye?" Scar repeated. "And a...Mismagius told us to give you a...a message." Bull continued. "She's...coming for y-you." Bull's head then dips down. "Bull? Bull! Wake up man!" He said as he rocked him. "Blade, Tanker. Take Bull and Smug over the Tuffy. "Right." Both said simultaneously. Scar placed Bull on Tanker's back and Smug on Blades' and they set off for Tuffy's room. Scar had a suspicious look on his face. "Hmm," he began. "Who would this new crew know who's in my crew?" He asked himself aloud. This made him cross his arms and think. Then a scream of terror snapped Scar's thoughts. He ran out the junkyard and onto the sidewalk, along with Princess and Spike.

"Help!" screamed a pink stripped Pachirisu with several evil snickering Sableyes while holding an unconscious Meowth on her back. "Pink!" shouted Princess with alarm in her voice. Scar dashed toward them and leapt over Pink and the Meowth. "Iron Tail!" Scar shouted out as his tail flashed and turned into solid steel. He flipped around and slammed his tail on the concrete ground, creating a shockwave that stunned the Sableye. "Discharge!" Spike shouted as she jumped over Scar and a small area of streaming electricity shot from her body and surrounded the Sableye in an electric cage. All were shocked and fainted. Scar took one by its shoulder and brought it to his face. "Who's you leader?" Scar asked, demanding an answer. "What crew are you working for!" Scar raised his voice in anger. Soon a feminine voice began laughing. The whole junkyard heard the mysterious laugher. Scar dropped the Sableye and rushed back in junkyard. The others followed suit. Soon, everyone in the junkyard gathered around the center. An ominous dark purple cloud appeared and all stared at it.

"Oh my dear, Scar. At least we meet." Spoke the black violet smoke. "And just who the hell are you?" Scar asked angrily. "Why, I am the leader of the new crew that just came to town just last night. I am Mismagius, leader of the Cursed Crew. "Cursed Crew?" Princess questionably repeated. "Yes, I heard about you and crew, Scar. You entered the PSC not once, but twice. You have quite a grudge against that man, don't you, Scar?" "Look, just tell me what the hell do you want?" Scar barked out. "Well, that is rude. Never ask such a blunt quest so strictly." She said as if she already told him. Scar sighed. "Look, just tell me why you're here." Well, that's more like it. I am here to ask a request." She said in a soft tone. "Yeah? What is it?" "A Dual." She announce with much volume in the voice. Scar gave a toothy smirk at Mismagius. "So, you wanna fight me, huh?" "Well, a heard that you're also strong too. I want to see how strong." "Oh, it's so on!" Scar said with excitement in the voice. "I'll take you on, any time, any place." "Fine, on the roof of the Rat Packs Hideout at sundown." "Wait, what! The Rat Pack?!" Scar exclaimed. "Wait, aren't you the one that took over then made them disband?" questioned the notched ear Pichu. Mismagius gave an evil and victorious chuckle. "Why yes, it was I that made those weak rodents disband." Suddenly Scar began to laugh hysterically. "You beat up the weakest gang in the city? Man, you are pathetic!" "Stop it! Stop laughing this instant!" She ordered. Scar's laughs soon began to spread around and soon every Pokémon laughed at the Magical Pokémon. Hearing the laugher of the junkyard was making her angry. Soon she couldn't take it anymore. "ENOUGH!" she shouted in a booming voice. "We will have our battle right her, right now, Scar!" Scar got up and whipped the tears from the laughing he has done. He finally composed himself and glared at Mismagius. "You're goin' down!"

All gather in h back of the junkyard, where a large battlefield lays. Scar was on one half of the field and Mismagius was on the other. Princess, Spike and Princess's sister, Pink, stood behind Scar. Mismagius had several Sableye behind side. A Loudred named Boomer stood in the middle, outside the battlefield. "This battle is a one-on-one match," announced the big mouth Pokémon. "We have Scar going up against Mismagius. Both side ready?" The two nodded. "Then let the battle begin!" "Will-O-Wisp!" Mismagius yell fast as five blue fireballs hovered around her and then they disappeared. It reappeared around Scar and seeped into his body and he flashed with fire. Scar groaned as he felt the burning pains on his body. He got to one knee and look up at Mismagius. She chuckled as she watched Scar kneel before. "Ha-ha, look at you, kneeling before me. Now, you better beg for mercy." "Heh, like hell I'm beg, Thunderbolt!" A stream of lightning shot from his body and hit its target. As Mismagius began to recover from the hit, a jolt of electricity surged throughout her body and stiffened her. "Wha-what in this?" she asked in unawarement. "I...I c-can't move." That's because you're paralyze" answered Scar with a grin. He dashed toward her and jump in the air. "Thunder Punch!" he shouted as his right paw begins to spark and soon engulfed in a small ball of electricity. He throws his punch and it connects to Mismagius's face. She goes down with a light thud and Scar returns to his side. He turned and felt the burning on his body. He gritted his teeth, trying not to show any weakling to Mismagius. She gets up and whips her mouth. "How dare you, strike a lady!" she said in shock. "Lady?" Scar questioned. "You're no lady if you randomly attack my crew and the rats. You're more like a witch than a lady." She gasped at the words Scar said toward her. "A-a witch? A witch!" she shouted and begins to breath heavily. "Shadow Ball!" she yelled and a dark ball begins to take form in her arms. She fires three Shadow balls simultaneously and all aimed for Scar.

He stood his ground as he prepared himself. Soon, Scar calls out. "Iron Tail!" his tail soon becomes hard as steel and he wipes it around and back, slapping the dark orbs back to Mismagius. She could only gasp and watch as her own move came back at her. The balls hits with critical damage. Smoke clouded around her as there a thud sound. The smoke clears and Mismagius lies in the dirt out. "Mismagius can't continue and the win goes to Scar!" Boomer excitedly cheered. The junkyard cheered for Scar big win. Soon Princess, Spike and Pink ran up to him and gave a hug. Then, Mismagius begins to rise up. "So, you are as strong they say." She spoke in a low tone. "Well, this only marks me as you're new enemy. Beware you Junk-rat, I will defect you, even if I have to lower myself to surprise attacks on your crew." Bring it on, Witch. You're just another opportunity to prove my crew is the strongest around." She gritted her teeth when she was called 'Witch'. "Fine, if you call me that, I will go be that. I am now Witch, leader of the Cursed Crew." Soon and black wind blows through the junkyard and stopped and Mismagius was gone. "Yeah, no one messes with me or the Junkyard Crew. Right guys?" a loud 'yeah' rang up and soon the sun set beyond the horizon and night comes.


News Report

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Soad: Hello all out there in the brand new look on Newgrounds. I just want to let you guys know that me and UKF are now in tumblr.
UKF: Yeah, so check out dis link Soad and UKFAnd if you have a tumblr account, follow us.
Soad: I hope you enjoy the new Newgrounds look as much as we do.
UKF: Later y'all.BRONIES UNITE!!

My Little Dashie Part 1+2

2012-02-03 13:24:49 by SOAD24k

/* */

/* */
Soad: You are going to cry on part two.
UKF: Dude, [Sniffes] I can't...stop...fuckin cryin'!
Soad: This is for those who like My Little Pony. You been warned.

Upcoming Stories

2012-02-01 16:46:31 by SOAD24k

Soad: Okay, now that I got that out of my way, I can now tell you guys about my past a little bit. You see, in the past, I made lil' stick man comics. It was around when I was in middle school. I started out pretty good; I filled a whole notebook of stick man comics. Then I play the game "Fancy Pants" and that gave me an idea. I then started making comics with stick man wearing pants. Soon I thought of a female version might be good too. They turned out good. Soon I made a couple; one is named Chaos and his girlfriend/fiancé is named Trinady. Chaos's real name is Chris Carson and Trinady's real name Terry Truman. They do whatever and cause mayhem in their wake. Soon after I got bored, then after take an art class I had to take in middle school, I learned a new way to make characters. I'll show you after this. Anyway, I want to talk about my comics. I made several comics, but I got tried and I didn't have the time to make them. Below I will tell you the starter comics I made and then the later one.

9 Lives - City Kat: This way my first comic. I changed it later in the year to "City Kat". So, this comic is about a cat boy named Alex Kat and he has misadventures in the city with a fish market seller, Jake Edwards, and his friend a bunny girl, Skylee Bunny.

Bunny Lover - Neko Village: This one I have a bunch of characters too. They are all chibi animal puffballs or C.A.P which I just now noticed. Anyway, this is about certain characters and their problem or episode. I liked making these things; I'll show you guys way they look like later.

Lucky Fox - Foxy Trail: This one is about a high school kid named Mich Recha and his friends May and twin brothers Bam and Rick. They see a meteor crash down near them and they were soon transported to another world where people have ears and tails of a different animal. Then I thought I change it up a bit. Instead of them finding a way out, their parents came and they all decided to stay. After that... I had nothing.

Soad: Now, these are the new ones I did after the old ones.

Mama's Boy: This I thought would be funny. It's about a 23-year old man named Joel who lives with his mama. So, his friend Henry helps him get a house, get a car and get a girlfriend. Let me tell you, the "Get the girlfriend one" is really funny.

Element Bros.: You might recognize this. It's about three brothers, one controls water, one control fire and the last controls electricity. Blane, Zeke, and Will. You guys should read Triple Trouble, they're in that one.

Black-Haired Lover: This one I got from watching the "There she is" series. It starts with a high school freshman, Amy who suddenly has a mega crush on the head senior member, Edward.

Soad: Then there's Sam the Swordsman, which you guys probably read or not. But, he was part of another comic of mine. It was called 4Reason. This is about four different heroes from different cities, but had a common enemy. There was Sam, Ron the Rouge, Ace the Archer and Gin the Gunman. They'd team-up and beat the dark ruler, Dark Void. Anyway, after thinking about this, I decided to make my ole comics into stories. Here are the soon to be new stories.

City Kat - The 99 lives of Alex Kat: Alex Kat is a humani, a person with the ears and tail of an animal, lives in the city of Petopolis and has crazy good times his friends.

Foxy Trail - F.F.O. Furry Fighters Online: Inside a MMORPG Fighting game a fox warrior and his companies explore the deep net on the game, and find out that there secrets in the game that no one knows.

Mama's Boy
Black-Higher Lover - Upper-Class Crash

Soad: Well, that all I got. I know you're thinking "Hey, what about that Neko village one?" well, I deiced not to do it and put them in F.F.O. Well, that's all I got, and don't worry, I'll get to work on my Pokémon