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2014-11-19 19:12:23 by SOAD24k

Sitting at a table in a bar in Canterlot sat a light gray unicorn mare with white and purple mane and five purple stars for a cutie mark. She stared longingly at her beverage, stirring the liquid and ice cubes with a straw using her telekinesis. She was lost in thought to hear or notice the other ponies around her. Some conversing, laughing or walking about. She paid no attention to anyone there, until she felt a hoof in her right shoulder. She jumped slightly on contact and turned her head to see a pale blue hoof resting on her shoulder and followed to see who it belonged to.

Stallon: Hey, didn't know you drink Vel. Does your husband know about this?

Velvet: [Relieved sigh] Oh, it's just you Spectrum Blitz and no Nightlight doesn't and he won't. Plus, this place gives me peace to think.

Spectrum Blitz was a pale blue Pegasus with a short rainbow mane and tail and has two clouds and a rainbow arcing from one to another for a cutie mark.

Blitz: Hehe, don't worry, I won't tell.

Velvet: You better not.

She glared at as he waved a hoof up.

Blitz: I promise.

Velvet relaxed her gaze and smiled.

Velvet: So, what brings you to Canterlot?

Blitz: Oh, I was just passing by. Turning in reports about Canterlots weather issue.

Velvet: Really? I was wondering about that.

Blitz: Yeah, things here are much different. So, mind if I join you?

Velvet: Oh, uh sure.

Blitz smiled as he trotted to the other side and sat across from the mare.

Blitz: So, how you been Vel? Been ages since I've seen you.

Velvet: I'm well Blitz. I've been doing some things to help keep me busy.

Blitz: Like going to bars and night clubs?

Velvet's cheek flushed slightly.

Velvet: That was only happened once. A friend recommended I should try going to one.

Blitz: Yeah, and soon finding yourself neck deep in-

He halted is last word as he was a death glare from the mare, who had her magic ready.

Blitz: Uh, anyway. Have you heard about Twilight? She has her own castle in Ponyville now.

Velvet's magic faded from her horn as Blitz mentioned Twilight.

Velvet: Yes, I heard the news. My little Twily is doing greats things now.

Her expression sadden as she looked down at the drink in front of her.

Velvet: She's becoming more amazing every day. First becoming the princesses student, defeating Nightmare Moon, beating Discord, finding out the Cysalise and her. Changelings, restoring a lost kingdom, becoming a princess, saving Equestria from Tirek. Who would have thought my little Twilight would do things others would think is impossible?

Blitz: Guess she got it from you.

She quickly looked up at the stallion.

Velvet: Huh?

Blitz: Come on Vel, don't tell me you don't remember the times you did stuff that some might think was crazy. You'll drag all of us on some crazy adventure quest and still have to will to keep going, even in the hardest times.

Velvet smiled a bit and rubbed the back of her head.

Velvet: Well, I guess I did do some wacky stuff back then.

Blitz: And that's where Twilight gets it from. If you see something that isn't right, you'll be the first one to hop on the chance to solve it first. Just like what Twilight did to the return of Nightmare Moon.

Velvet smiled a bit more.

Velvet: Yeah and all the thing I've done, I couldn't have do it without you and the others.

Blitz: Just with Twilight and her friends.

Velvet: Speaking about them, Rainbow Dash is becoming really close onto becoming a Wonderbolt.

Blitz: Yeah, winning the Young Flyers Competition, enrolling in the Wonderbolt Academy, passing the test to the Wonderbolt Reserves. She really on her way to what become what she always dreamed of.

Velvet: You must be really proud that she's close to living her dream.

Blitz: Yeah, all those shows and toys she begged me about, I'm really happy for her.

Velvet: Yeah, and I'm sure Applejack is making her parents proud too.

Blitz: Yeah, shame they can see how Applejack grown.

Velvet: I'm sure they're watching over somewhere.

Blitz: Yeah. So, hear about Magnum and Flower?

Velvet: Yeah, their anniversary is coming up soon.

Blitz: Can't believe it's their 10th one.

Velvet: Well with those two, it'll be much longer.

Blitz: Yeah, if only Fluttershy's parents lasted that long.

Velvet: Shame really. They were a nice couple.

Blitz: Well, I think that's what happens when one is a free lance writer.

Velvet: I still visit her grave to give her recent updates on Fluttershy.

Blitz: You two were really close friends. I think she appreciates it.

Velvet: Hey, it's what she would do for me.

Blitz nodded as he looked around.

Blitz: Excuse me for a sec.

He got up from the table and heads for the bar tender. She nods and gave him a glass cup and bottle of whiskey. Blitz took both in his wings and walks back over. He carefully set the cup and bottle on the table and sat back in his seat. He poured himself a decent amount in the glass and drinks that's a sip. He tilted the bottle at Velvet, she rises a hoof and shakes her head.

Blitz: So, since we're done talk about Twilight and Rainbows friends parents, I don't think we talked about just their friends.

Velvet: Yeah, changing the subject would be good. Well, back to Fluttershy. I heard she's doing good with animals there.

Blitz: Oh? Didn't you hear? She even reformed Discord.

Velvet almost spit up her drink but caught herself and with a hard swallow, gulped her drink. She covered her mouth with her hoof as she coughed a bit.

Velvet: She...she did what?

Blitz: She reformed the spirit of chaos.

Velvet: Wow, first I hear about her being a fasion model for Photo Finish, talking down a dragon to tears, her going insane at the Gala, helping the pegasi in Ponyville send water to Cloudsdale and helping the Breezies get back home. That one I didn't hear about.

Blitz: Oh it's true. Celestia asked her personally to reform him. 

Velvet: Wow, that why little filly has come a long way.

Blitz: Yeah, but she's still shy no matter what.

Velvet: Hehe, just like her father.

Blitz: Speaking of that, Applejack is just as stubborn as her father.

Velvet: Heh, yeah. When Apple bucking season came, she claimed she can buck every tree in the orchard.

Blitz: Yeah, if it was up to her father, he'd would have done it alone.

Velvet: Thankfully she didn't.

Blitz: Yeah. You know she's also being called the most dependable pony of Ponyville?

Velvet: Oh I heard. She was going to raise some money for some repairs. Did she ever do it?

Blitz: Don't know. Didn't hear about it after she came back.

Velvet: Well I hear that Big Macintosh and Applebloom are fairing nicely. As well as Granny Smith.

Blitz: Man, she's never get any older will she?

Velvet: Well she is the only family member that remembers things better from the past.

Blitz: Yeah, I guess. Speaking about that, do you know anything about uh....

Velvet: Pinkie Pie?

Blitz: That's the one.

Velvet: Well, nothing much. Jedediah and Mable were always loners on that rock farm of theirs. They also had four fillies. Pinkie we already know.

Blitz: Then who are the others?

Velvet: Mmm, I think it was Inkie, Blinkie and Maud. For some strange reason they all, expect Pinkie and Maud, changed their names.

Blitz: You don't know why?

Velvet: No, nothing.

Blitz: Well, anyway. Back to Pinkie. She's one hyperactive mare.

Velvet: I know. If you could bottle up all that energy she has, you could power Manehatten or even Equestria.

Blitz: Seriously, and she's always so happy. She could make a board meeting exciting.

Velvet: Heh, well she is the element of Laugher after all.

Blitz: Yeah I know.

Velvet: Hmm, I can't seem to think of anything she's done.

Blitz: Well, she tamed an entire swarm of Parasprites out of town, got the whole town in a sing-a-long about smiling and somehow invaded the town with clones of herself.

Velvet: Wow, you quite a bit about her.

Blitz: Got it from Dash.

Velvet: Well, all that's left is Rarity.

Blitz: Yeah, Magnum's little girl.

Velvet: Well, she's not so little anymore. She's really become a true lady. Having a successful business career, being noticed by the big name ponies in Canterlot. She's come a long way from making costumes for a play to making dazzling and stunning dresses.

Blitz: And I heard Sweetie Belle is living with her too.

Velvet: Really?

Blitz: Well, she stays over there from time to time. Mostly when Magnum and Flower are out of town.

Velvet: Heh, it's just like them to be out a lot.

Blitz: Yeah, luckily they was able to hear about Rarity coming to Canterlot.

Velvet: Oh I heard about that. Also that she had Hoity Toity come to town and Sapphire Shores.

Blitz: Not to mentions she was in a fashion show in Manehatten.

Velvet: Oh yeah, that too.

Velvet took a sip of her drink as did Blitz and poured himself another glass.

Blitz: So, what's it like having a royal guard captain and a princess as your kids Vel?

The question was so sudden to her, it made her do a double take at him.

Velvet: What is it like? Well...

She looked down at her glass, stirring its liquid with a straw using her telekinesis.

Velvet: Well, it's a great feeling, knowing my children are doing great thing. Achieving goals, saving Equestria, marrying a princess. It's a great feeling but, sometimes I feel, like they forgot something important.

Blitz could feel what the unicorn is talking. Velvet still had her eyes down at her glass, seizing her pointless stirring.

Velvet: I know they're busy with their own things and all. Twilight with her friends, Shining with his wife. I mean, I could always go and see Twilight, if she isn't too busy, but I'm not sure about Shining. Being head captain and prince. 

Blitz: Vel, let me ask you something?

The mare looked up and saw a light smile on the stallions muzzle.

Blitz: You still love your kids, right?

Velvet: Well, of course I do.

Blitz: And you still want to best for them, right?

Velvet: Yes.

Blitz: Then let them do what they do. I'm sure, one of these days Shining and Twilight will have something for you. Believe me, when Father's Day comes around, I'm sure I'll get one heck of a surprise.

Velvet looked at him and slowly started to smile too.

Velvet: Yeah, I guess you're right. I just need to be patient.

-One week later-

Velvet was in the kitchen, stirring a pot of sauce on the stove with a wooden spoon using her telekinesis. She had another pan next to it, which was filled with Kel and Cabbage. She used another spoon stir that just a bit. Soon there a knock on her front door. She set the spoon down and walks out the kitchen and towards the door. When she opens it, she felt her heart skip a best and her went wide. In the doorway was a lavender alicorn mare and a white stallion, dressed up is royal guard armor.

Both: Happy Mothers Day!

Velvet felt tears forming in her eyes as a big smile grew on her face. She hugged the both of them tightly. Twilight and Shining retuned the hug and enjoyed the warm loving embrace.


Soad: HEY GUYS!! I'm back! I did this fic while on my lunch break. Took some time. Hope you guys like it.